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Chief Justice of Nepal now under house arrest?

Kathmandu: What could be the reason behind that sacked Chief Justice of Nepal but he is not allowed to get out of his home and even impeachment imposed on him was not passed by parliament?

If allegations imposed on him passed from parliament then he would be automatically out of the court and won’t be able to attend any legal procedure in the supreme court. if this could not happen, it could be a bad joke for the current government to keep him under house arrest.

According to the news reports, The government has discontinued the security given to Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana starting last Sunday. Rumors are surfacing that increased police presence and surveillance at his home, and that he had been put under house arrest.

Sunday’s attempt by suspended Chief Justice Rana to visit the Supreme Court was interrupted by the government. However, the government’s action to interrupt him could have caused a stone to the hornet’s nest in terms of its effects on current politics.

On Sunday, Rana made an effort to resume his work as chief justice despite the impeachment recommendation committee’s findings being more than enough to stop him from duty and enough evidence to impeach him too.

The House of Representatives, which was scheduled to hear an impeachment resolution against him on Saturday, was about to adjourn for the current term. Which was just a day remaining the Rana to escape from impeachment which could not happen due to the delay in the impeachment proposal writing and endorsement process by the committee.

As many as 98 members of parliament in Nepal had registered a general indictment against the Chief Justice of Nepal in February earlier this year, accusing him of sabotaging the power of his position and coalition. They tabled the impeachment in the parliament a month later and formed an 11-member committee on making recommendations over his impeachment.

Since parliamentarians from the ruling coalition sought to have Chief Justice Rana removed from office due to charges of draft and several other decisions they deemed to be questionable, he has been at the center of a political power storm.

Rana faced 21 charges against him, including corruption and bargaining for a stake in the government, and was suspended in February.

He has since claimed that the coalition government’s leaders and outgoing Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba conspired to have a junior judge take his place.

Former PM KP Sharma Oli on Sunday said that since Parliament has failed to pass an impeachment motion, Rana should be allowed to return to work. It is an irresponsible attitude of the government to put Rana under house arrest.

In a current political scenario, Rana was appointed as chief justice while KP Oli was prime minister and UML’s student union and other sister organizations have taken the street and media to seek out the government’s wrongdoing in this regard.

In the general public’s eye, the impeachment case of the chief justice is just a political game between the current coalition government and opposition parties, to summon the public away from the situation and bargain for a vote in the upcoming election only.

There was only one institution in Nepal, that we believed in that was out of politics, but has been demolished badly.

Being a Nepali, what is your opinion in this case? have your words below.