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Maximum flexibility has been adopted in the constitution written

Current PM of Nepal
Prime Minister of Nepal – Sushil Koirala

MARCH 26, 2015 KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said that maximum flexibility has been adopted in the constitution written.

PM Koirala made such remark while accepting a memorandum handed by a delegation led by CA member Haricharan Shah, the Convenor of the Sanghiya Samabesi Morcha (Federal Inclusive Front), at his residence in Baluawatar on Thursday morning.

“It is everyone’s wish that the constitution should be framed through consensus. Maximum flexibility has also been adopted for this. But then there is no alternative to going for the process if there is no consensus,” he said, adding that he has no desire of hanging on the Prime Minister’s chair after issuing the new constitution.

I do not harbour the desire of remaining in power by any means. Let the constitution be delivered, I will step down, the PM said.

PM Koirala expressed concern that the slew of rights secured through the decades long struggle and sacrifice of the people would go down the drain if the country is misguided towards the path of agitation and collision course.

Stating that forces inimical to dialogue, collaboration, cooperation, unity, conciliation and compromise among the political parties were active in the country, he urged the political party leaders to shield themselves against such forces and work in the interest of the country and the people.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister reiterated that the transition could be ended at the earliest by issuing the new constitution, adding that this would be the last opportunity to the political parties to prevent the country from sliding into instability on the instigation of others.

He said friendly countries wishing well to Nepal including India, China, US, the European Union and the multilateral aid agencies have increased their cooperation at present.

The Morcha has demanded adopting in the new constitution a fully proportional election system and proportional inclusive participation in all State agencies.