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NRNA Vice President Escaped?

FEB 15, 2012 Dubai – A sincere leader is essential for the betterment of an organization, if leader is not capable of handling the organization how could we expect the organization will fulfill the requirement and principle of that organization?

Nepalese community living in the UAE and gulf region are shocked by the scape of NRN Vice President Mr. Rameshwor Shah from Dubai.
As he have been elected the vice president of NRN Central committee from the ICC conference held on last October in Kathmandu. After he have been elected as the vice president of the so called NRN; which himself could not be counted as NRN due to his residency has been terminated from UAE.
Sources in Dubai had revealed that Mr.Shah was terminated from his position over the allegation of his involvement on financial loss for the company and fraud case in his company, which involved millions of Dhs and deported him immediately after his termination from the job.

We all knows that he has a bad record of financial activities, which he never cleared and made transparent. Here are some reasons that he should not be elected as the vice president of NRN as the principle of NRN is more bigger and ambitious than his political agenda.

1. He has not cleared financial data sheet of NRN UAE as he was the regional co-ordinator during Regional conference held in Dubai between 12-14 January 2011. NRN has collected more than $100000 in donation to support and organize the conference, it’s been more than a year now he never had cleared the account and handover the authority as he is no more in the position.
2. He himself is not a visionary person to help other Nepalese, who seek the help of NRN on their difficult situations, Nepalese living in the Gulf are in real slavery, many of us are in search of help which persons like Mr. Shah could not do anything.
3. Sources in UAE and his colleague in the company that he was previously working (G4s security services where he was working as Regional Finance director) are blaming him of taking millions of DHS from the company and made his own fortune which ended him to leave the job and country immediately.
4. He has been elected as the prestigious position of vice president of by spending thousands of dollars from his pocket and organization’s resources by buying voters, manipulating the agenda of NRN and using the means of power, money, political alliance and showing fake personality.
5. NRN UAE has asked him several times to clear the account of Regional conference which ended a year ago, he always Escaping in the gatherings, not attending scheduled meetings and finally escaped from the region and residing in Nepal.
Now, in this situation, we think he is not a right candidate to be in the prestigious position of Vice president of NRN and why should not we ask him to resign from the post to elect new vice president?
We NRN living around the world are in deep concern with the working committee that leads the more than 3 million Nepalese globally residing out of Nepal. We should demand with the current working committee that they should clear the case of Mr. shah and elect new vice president immediately.
As he has lost his residency out of Nepal at this time in which NRN does not constitute to keep the person without valid NRN Status as a member of the organization..
Let’s voice out from each corner of the world where we are concerned about the NRN and its cleaner and better future ahead as an organization.

With the output from former NRN working committee members in the UAE, it’s the time to reform the NRN to take to a new level by clearing above points with immediate effect.
As this author knows the principle of NRN was to make a single organization of Nepalese people around the world of every steps of life to help our motherland Nepal with financially, technically and to support Nepalese in need abroad. Now this part is somewhere in the corner or may be not existing, but Hundreds of Rameshwor are born and taking advantage of the organization. Enough is enough, let’s join together to voice this matter to all over the world where Little Nepal is existing.

By: Based on Conversation with Some Real NRN’s In the UAE.