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NRN, Dual Citizenship, and Nepal

Kathmandu – Nepal is politically unstable, geographically shattered, and financially one of the poorest Nations in Asia having more than 60% farmers and a country running on the financial support of donors, tourism, and remittances.

As Nepal emerged from the Monarchy to federalism, and the level of living has improved in recent years, it has many negative aspects also emerged in the background. As political insurgency started in Nepal back in 1996, many youths who have the potential of getting jobs and making their living on their own went out of the country to seek foreign employment in various countries in the world.

Globalization has made it easy for people to seek jobs outside of their own country but the problem of migration also emerged along with the job and better financial status.

In the events of working out of Nepal, some rich and educated entrepreneurs feel that they need an organization to cover their issues of migration, security, and other issues of legality where they were currently residing.
Emerges an organization named NRN (Non-Residential Nepalese) under the founder chairmanship of  Dr. Upendra Mahato, (The Businessman living in Belarus who went there as a student).

Years have passed with little progress in the principle of their agenda but some of the Members have succeeded in their goal of holding positions and promoting their political and financial business further, even though its main agenda was to support people in need where the government is absent, in the recent event of international working committee election held in Kathmandu, it seems that organization is developing like a political party.

Nepal is a vibrant country for investors if the political situation come to an end with the prospective implementation of consensus and agreement made between fractions, integrating Maoist combatants into the security forces, and controlling the corruption.

There is no reason to be afraid to invest in Nepal as its neighbors are one of the most populated but financially better sound countries in these years. As India and China having more than 10% annual growth rates in recent years, we are just at the bridge between them and we have thousands of reasons that we can take benefit from these two very important Nations in the world today.

Leaving the motherland in search of a better life than average people in the country, Thinking that Nepal could not be a place to live and “feel that being a Nepali is a trademark of being the poorest person in the world”, canceled their citizenship to became foreign citizen, but after gaining desired financial success they are seeking a share of power and integrity.

Talking about the unwanted and unrealistic subject of “Dual Citizenship”, may be beneficial for those who seek their mother’s wombs after adulthood but could be disastrous for the nation in the long term.

The government also came to their influence to some extent and pass a bill of NRN, and enforced to make a law that a Nepali who is living out of Nepal for a certain period of time, they will be called NRN, this is fine but the matter of dual citizenship is something smell unpleasant and distinct.

There are many countries in the world that do have dual citizenship systems with certain terms and conditions, which are unconditional in ours. There are terms and conditions, which may benefit their nation with their expertise and business.

On our side, it is not even necessary because most of the so-called NRNs who seek dual citizenship is just a Labor in their residing country where they don’t even have provisions to apply for citizenship of those countries. for example people living in the Gulf and Asian countries.

For example, in the recent NRN- ICC election in Kathmandu, Most of the candidates brightly focused on the topic of dual citizenship and unfortunately, a vice president elected Mr. Rameshwor Shah is still on a working visa in the United Arab Emirates. (it was in 2012)

In his speech, he raised the agenda of dual citizenship for NRN, he has focused mainly on the dual passport issue but he himself is not eligible for the same.

If we see the fact sheet of NRN or people living outside of Nepal, as assumed more than five million (50,00,000), Nepalese are living and working out of Nepal, 90% of them are residing in the Gulf and Asian countries. (for example – Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Brunei, Somalia,  Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Austria, Singapore, HongKong, Thailand,  Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and many more countries where they are not able to receive a passport of that country.), For a long, Thousands of Illegal migrants are in Europe and America where they can’t obtain citizenship or green card too.

Our youths are suffering from Unemployment inside the country, Those who have gone abroad by paying a huge amount of money which they borrowed at high-interest rates to pay their agent to find normal jobs, are suffering from illegal trafficking, hardship, non-receiving of salary, cheating, sexual abuse, and many more issues were in height but none of them addressed in the past. Rather Many of the promotors are directly involved in the such illicit business too. which should have been addressed by the organization.

There are people who have been Jailed and missing for several years in the gulf region but non of them are searched and aided by the organization. NRN collected a huge amount of cash during the earthquake of 2015, and a responsible person himself run away from the gulf, where is the organization to tackle such issues?

Many Nepali women are suffering in illicit brothels where they were sold forcefully by traffickers, many are working in the deserts without pay for several months, and many dead bodies are laying in the mortuary of various hospitals without any information. Their families in Nepal are waiting to repatriate the dead bodies of their loved ones and perform their last rites. Can’t we do something from our end? But we are talking about dual citizenship? We can have all the facilities rights of the residing country wherever we belong to is not that simple? Why do we need second citizenship?

How do you issue citizenship to those people who are on labor visas or on illegal status? Please give us a single way. “Give us Hope and a helping hand, not your popular speech”.

Those in need are waiting for your help, not to make you a political hero. We are waiting to hear the news of your support services and that you have started working for those people who need your magical touch to survive not your million-dollar projects.

As a Migrant worker in the Gulf, this writer has seen people working 12-16 hrs daily on construction sites, cleaning hospitals, hotels, roads, and gardens earning a few thousand rupees to send home monthly to save their families from hunger and sickness. They are not interested and eligible to get involved in NRN’s agenda at all.

A bigger part which I mentioned above is under that group of people who barely seek and have thin hope of being dual citizenships then why should we be voicing this unwanted agenda? Let’s think from the impossible to make those our needs possible. Let’s join our hands together to contribute to the Nation that we were born and grew. Let’s make a wish in our minds that we will go back to Nepal and die as Nepalese. forget your foreign citizenship, motherland will welcome you all with a warm heart.

UPDATE: This Article was written a decade earlier yet the situation of migrant Nepalese are increasingly difficult than it is been eased.
Once again so-called NRNs or rather say the club members of the Nepali billionaires are on the same agenda. They would again come to Nepal soon for their meeting and may some of them would try to buy a share in the upcoming election too. We must be careful about that.