Nepalese Residing Out of Nepal to build a five-star hotel - NRNA

Nepalese Residing Out of Nepal to build a five-star hotel

NRNA Newly Elected President Mr. Shesh Ghale.
NRNA Newly Elected President Mr. Shesh Ghale.

28 October 2013, KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Nepal a tourist destination with low budget hotels and restaurants with its almost 30 percent of GDP comes from foreigners visiting Nepal every year.

Lack of facility, security and infrastructures inside the country, Nepalese youths are fleeing the country and residing in foreign employment around the world in recent years had made its economy from agriculture to remittance and tourist to its own citizen as tourist on vacation.

In Recent Days, Nepalese Residing abroad are investing in various sectors of country’s development process namely in banks, hydro-power, tourism and production industries.  Recently NRNA which is the organization for Non residential Nepalese has announced to build a five star hotel in the near future.

According to the news source, The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has said it will open a five star hotel with collective investment from its members.

The association of the Nepali diaspora plans to operate a 200-room hotel with deluxe facilities under an international brand name. “Many companies are ready to come here,” said Shesh Ghale, newly elected NRNRA president, at a press meet. He said they would start to look for locations for the hotel without any delay.

Ghale is also personally investing in Sheraton Kathmandu, a five-star property. He said his experience in getting things done to open a hotel would help the NRNs in making joint investment in the hotel. “In the initial phase, a few of us will invest for carrying out feasibility study which will require around $50,000 – 60,000,” said Ghale. “Once we start the work, we will call for investment from other NRNs.”

Kathmandu, Lumbini and Pokhara are some of the locations the NRNs are considering for the proposed hotel, which is expected to provide employment to 400 individuals. Ghale said they opted for the hotel project first as “it is viable” and “will make a positive impact” on the economy.

The meeting of the NRNA International Coordination Committee held on Friday also decided to establish a relief fund targeted at Nepali migrant workers, in which Ghale has contributed Rs 10 million. The association said it will expedite the work on preparing the operation modality and resource collection for the fund.

The association has also decided to move ahead with joint investment from NRNs in projects that create employment and help develop physical infrastructure. Ghale said they will work for developing entrepreneurship. Besides, the NRNs have said they will continue to lobby with international communities for bringing foreign direct investment in the country.

A detailed discussion on potential projects and necessary studies are under the association’s priority. Ghale said they would continue to invest in hydro-power and infrastructure development. With legal recognition after being registered in Nepal, the NRNA has plans to build its own building for which a committee under the co-ordination of Ghale has been formed. Ghale has pledged Rs 10 million for the building.

Source: KOL