New PM election on July 21 to end deadlock - Nepal

New PM election on July 21 to end deadlock

KATHMANDU, July 14, 2010-After several attempts to form a government of consensus and failed Nepal’s President has called parties to form a  majority government at the end.

To form the new government, Nepal’s parliament will attempt to elect a new prime minister on July 21 to end a stalemate that has threatened to undermine the country’s peace process begun after civil war ended in 2006.

The Himalayan republic has been without a government since Madhav Kumar Nepal stepped down as prime minister two weeks ago under pressure from the opposition Maoists, who hold the most seats in parliament but not enough to govern alone.

The major parties have since tried but failed to form a national unity government, and the president on Monday ordered lawmakers to elect a majority administration instead.

The Maoists fought a bloody 10-year civil war with the state before winning elections in 2008 and holding power until last year. The other key parties have refused to ally with them, leaving Nepal in a political deadlock.

Parliamentary Speaker Subash Nembang told reporters the election would take place on July 21.

The parliament, or Constituent Assembly, was elected in 2008 with a two-year mandate to draft a new national constitution and complete the peace process.

But it failed to finish either task, hampered by fierce arguments between the Maoists and their rivals.

Even Parties are arguing each other and political uncertainty is juggling around, there are no clear vision who will be heading the next government in Nepal.

Source: Based on AFP News