Maoist PLA announces fresh vacancies - Nepal

Maoist PLA announces fresh vacancies

KATHMANDU, AUG 03 -Agitating political uncertainty and dividing political agenda of parties, failed to elect new prime minister in the country  Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has called for applications to fill the vacant posts in the PLA on Tuesday as Nepal army announced vacancy for the vacant positions of 3464 personnel.

Maoist PLA spokesperson Chandra Prakash Khanal ‘Baldev’ said the PLA decided to fill the vacant posts as the NA carried on with the recruitment drive by breaching the peace agreement.

He added that the PLA made the vacancy announcement in order to make the total number of PLA to 31,000, which he said is the real strength of the PLA before the UNMIN disqualified other combatants.

Currently, the number of PLA stands at 19000-plus after the UNMIN, which has been monitoring the peace process in Nepal, slashed the disqualified combatants.

Baldev said the PLA will recruit eligible persons in all seven cantonments.

The NA decided to go ahead with the recruitment drive that was stalled following a controversy with the Maoist-led government in December 2008 after the Supreme Court last week quashed the writ against the NA recruitment saying it was beyond its jurisdiction.

Source: KOL