Lock-down to be Tighten - Extension decision yet to come - Nepal

Lock-down to be Tighten – Extension decision yet to come

April 5, 2020 -Kathmandu – As Increased in numbers of infected people in Nepal, The government of Nepal on Saturday decided to ‘tighten’ restrictions imposed during the lock-down period introduced to control the corona-virus outbreak in the country.

A Cabinet meeting held yesterday evening decided to stop citizens from moving from one local unit to another and from one district to another, according to the government spokesperson, Minister for Finance Yuba Raj Khatiwada.

The government decision comes just a few hours after the country confirmed three new infected cases in a single day. Among the three cases, one is a 34-year-old woman, who happened to be the first Covid-19 patient of the country who was not recently abroad while all other cases till today belong to the people who recently returned to the country from other countries. The country’s health officials and experts have said this incident marks Nepal’s entry to the second stage of corona-virus infection, suggesting more restrictive measures.

Some Pictures from Kathmandu During Lock Down:

Meanwhile, the government could not make any decision regarding extending the lock-down. The lock down was first announced till March-end and was extended by one week later.

Nepal is yet to be one of the least effected country comparing to the western countries but, due to lack of facility and immediate rescue operation, Nepal could face disastrous moment if not controlled the human activities in and around the country.

Khatiwada says the Cabinet will decide whether to extend the lock-down in its next meeting. It has been learned that the government is concerned about India‘s next move and its impact on the human movement in Nepal as the two countries share a long open border and hence waiting for the Indian move to make a concrete decision.