Girija P.Koirala's health condition not satisfactory - Nepal

Girija P.Koirala’s health condition not satisfactory

The ill fated Nepali congress leader GP Koirala’s health condition is not stable and he needs to refrain from meeting visitors to lower the chances of worsening his condition, doctors involved in the treatment of the octogenarian leader said on Sunday.

The NC patriarch suffers from recurrent bouts of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or bronchitis, a disease of the lungs. He is over 85 and still ruling the command of Nepali congress.

“His condition is stable now,” said Dr Arjun Karki, one of Koirala’s personal physician. “But he should avoid meeting visitors or it will aggravate his condition.” and anytime it may go worse due to his age condition.

Koirala fell ill today after developing infection in his lungs.

There are also talks about preparations being made to take Koirala to Singapore for further treatment in few days time, but Dr Karki said he had no knowledge about it.

Update:  G. P. Koirala died at his daughter’s home on 20 March 2010 at the age of 85, having suffered from asthma and pulmonary disease.