Death toll reaches 12 in Kailali Bus Accident - Nepal

Death toll reaches 12 in Kailali Bus Accident

Bus Accident in Nepal
Kailali Bus accident; The Picture here is not the original picture of this accident, this was from some other previous accidents.

29 NOVEMBER 2014 – DHANGADI, Far-western Nepal – Lives of People traveling with public transportation in Nepal is one of the scariest things to do in recent days as road accident and its toll are so high and often blamed for driver or road.
The death toll in Kailali accident where a bus had skidded off the road at Damai Danda in Sahajpur-2 of Kailali district along Bhimdutta Highway has reached 12.

Police said that eight persons died on the spot while four others breathed their last while receiving treatment after the bus (Na 5 Kha 5420), en route to Mahendranagar from Dipayal, fell some 500 meters down the road at around 1 am this morning.

The deceased have been identified as Tipari Nagari, 32, of Daud VDC, Bishna Bhandari, 52, of Daud-5, Tek Bogati, 28, of Daud-4, Tuli Nagri, 35, Rinuwa Nagri, 40, Bire Luhar, 40, of Daud-1 and Janma Bahadur Bhandari, 32, of Daud-5 in Doti district. Likewise, Bhuji Nepali, 35, Sagar Nepali, 7, and Thule Nepali, 30, of Basudevi -7, Doti, were also killed in the accident. The identification of one person injured in the accident has not been identified yet.

Twenty-nine persons are injured in the accident. Five of them are said to be in critical condition. They have been taken to India for further treatment.

Nepal Army Rescue team at the bus accident site
Nepal Army Rescue team at the bus accident site

Initial investigation showed that the bus veered off the road due to the driver’s negligence. Injured passengers said that the driver got off the bus to replace a deflated Tyre in a downhill road without applying proper brakes in the bus.

Police has arrested driver Janak Giri and bus assistant Nabin Bhatta for investigation.

Road travel in Nepal is more dangerous than cancer and road accident killing more people than cancer kills in Nepal every year. The main reasons are over-loaded with passengers, poor road condition, negligence of driver, poor maintenance of vehicle and narrow roadways. Improving above could minimize the risk but its been long we are hearing the law and enforcement but nothing has came into action till date.

Source: KOL