Nepal Police has Revealed Syringe Attacker - Crime

Nepal Police has Revealed Syringe Attacker

29 June 2019 KAthmandu – Social Media and newspapers and many other individuals were discussing about a person attacking with syringe specially to those women who are looks good. It was quite long rumors about attacking people with infected syringe could be HIV or Hepatitis like diseases and community and frequent travelers were bit scared with the news.
Finally, Nepal police has revealed that the person was captured and made public a suspect of the alleged series of syringe attacks happening in Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas for the past one and half months.

Santosh Karki, a resident of Naikap, confessed that he had only pierced women with a pointed thin piece of wood and a nail for entertainment purposes, said Hobindra Bogati, Spokesperson at Kathmandu Metropolitan Crime Police Range.

Karki was arrested from Maharagunj on Thursday in the suspicion of the attack after examining CCTV footage.

According to Bogati, Karki, who owns a restaurant in Maharangunj, used to prick the skin of women while returning to his home after closing the restaurant at 10 pm.

He had also confessed that his motive behind this was nothing more than fun, said Bogati.

Karki has taken responsibility for two attacks in Dhalku and Paknajol, said Bogati. Police are further investigating into the alleged syringe attacks.
As the criminal claiming of only fun but he might have some serious illness or may be a psychological disorder with him.
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