Dinesh Adhikari Aka Chari's rise and end - Crime

Dinesh Adhikari Aka Chari’s rise and end

Nepali Model Khusbu Oli - Girlfriend of Late Dinesh Adhikari Aka Chari. Pic credit- online sources.
Nepali Model Khusbu Oli – Girlfriend of Late Dinesh Adhikari Aka Chari. Pic credit- online sources.

07 August 2014 KATHMANDU – Nepal has faced a political turmoil for more than two decade now and situation is still there where it was started back in 1990’s. Political parties are believing in gangs and don rather than in their policies and principles. Several people run the parties in different ways some for the position, some for money, and some for just living.

Now I am going to talk about the well-publicized Nepali goon, “Chari don” whose original name was Dinesh Adhikari from Achanetar village of Dhading, born in a middle-class farmer family, schooled in local school up to high school, and went to Kathmandu for further study.

As he enters the city he saw all the vibrant colors of city-life which a person like him could handle hardly as there is a huge gap between rich and poor, it reflects in the classroom of any school or college in Nepal, and he has left with limited resources that his parents could offer but there were people who need such young adults who can do anything for few hundred rupees.

Dinesh was supporting the democratic party Nepali congress at the beginning as his family and village were almost supporting the same party that he does, but in some incidents, his party could not support him as it was an offense to the law of Nepal. He was an opportunist who can make money in a short time and easy was his aim which was not abnormal for a person of that capacity and background.

Police gunned down Dinesh Adhikari alias ‘Chari’, one of the most dreaded gangsters, at Bhimdhunga, seven kilometers from Sitapaila in the Capital on Wednesday evening.

Motorcycle-borne Adhikari opened fire at a police team from the criminal investigation division, Hanumandhoka, and the police officials fired back in self-defense, police said.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Pushkar Karki of the criminal investigation division said they had kept a special vigilance in the area following complaints from businessmen of threatening calls from Adhikari.

Police have recovered an automatic gun and a round of bullets at used by Adhikari at the scene. “His activities looked suspicious. When police started following him, he opened fire. We knew that he was Chari only when his helmet came off after he fell on the road,” said SSP Karki, adding that bullets were lodged in Adhikari’s chest, stomach and hands. His body has been taken to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital for post-mortem.

Nicknamed ‘Chari’ or ‘bird’ for his ability to evade arrest, police have been searching Adhikari for attempted murder, a string of extortion, assault and possession of arms, and running an illegal business. Police sources say Chari had returned from hiding in India two weeks ago.

Chari dada - The most Wanted young Nepali goon died in Police shootout in Kathmandu.
Chari dada – The most Wanted young Nepali goon died in a Police shootout in Kathmandu.

Chari had begun his notorious deeds in 2003, abetting Kumar Shrestha “Ghainte” in Samakhusi and other areas.

According to police, he was initially involved in extorting money from local businessmen and slowly started building his networks.

It is believed that he left “Ghainte” in 2008 to operate his own “business”. He was at large after shooting at one Niranjan Silwal in Nayabazaar in 2008.

In September 2009, Chari surrendered to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office after he was labeled an ‘infamous gangster’ as police had a shoot-at-sight order if he tried to escape.

He was released by Kathmandu District Court on May 25, 2010, after only nine months in jail.

The gangster is believed to have robbed around 40 kg of Yarsagumba, the Himalayan Viagra on several occasions.

More recently, Chari was in the spotlight on July 6 when he was shot at by one of his gang members Radhe Bhandari on his way to Kathmandu from his home in the Dhading district. The bullet had gone past Chari’s right arm, leaving him injured.

Police had later arrested Chari too after it was revealed that a pistol used by Bhandari belonged to Chari.

Adhikari is said to have gifted the weapon to Bhandari when the latter used to work for him.

Once he was out of police custody, Chari inflicted a serious injury on Bhandari in a revenge attack in January this year and was at large ever since.

Considered a close aide to CPN-UML leader KP Oli, Adhikari is also believed to have been involved in the shoot-out of Nepali Congress (NC)member Min Krishna Maharjan in Lalitpur earlier this year. Police arrested prime accused Ramesh Bahun from India.

Model Khusbu Oli and Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ relationship:

Dinesh Adhikari 'Chari' encountered by police, Khusbu Oli says it was an ambush

Model Khusbu Oli talking to Journalist at the Teaching Hospital, In Kathmandu after the Chari’s body, was brought to the hospital for postmortem.

There was a media report that ex-Miss Teen and model Khusbu Oli had visited Singapore and Goa with a gangster popularly known as Chari – Dinesh Adhikari. But, Khusbu has said that the report is not true. She told the rumor was spread to defame her. Khusbu also challenges the reporters to check her passport for such visas.

Model Khusbu is actively participating in social work by establishing a children’s rehabilitation center at Bishal Nagar. She accused the so-called friend of ‘Chari’ – Arpan Koirala of spreading the rumor. Khusbu told, ‘Arpan is my friend. I had helped him to get out of his drug addiction.” But, she also added, she had refused him as a boyfriend. That was the reason he wanted to defame her.
Khusbu told that she had gone to the UK for the graduation ceremony there. About ‘Chari’ all Khusbu had to tell was, “He is my family. That is all I can say now. I will tell more when the time comes.”

Khusbu was Miss Teen 2006.

Sources: KOL/Online News Reports