A 35 year old woman committed suicide in Palpa - Crime

A 35 year old woman committed suicide in Palpa

Committing suicide, murder, rape and many other criminal activities are in increased in numbers in recent years in Nepal. There have been many instances domestic violence’s found to be the main causes of crimes. Yet another life has ended by a woman committed suicide in her own home in Palpa.

Palpa Police Spokesperson DSP Birendra Thapa said that Parbati B.K., a 35-year-old resident of Tansen Municipality-12 Lung had committed suicide by placing a trap of her own shawl on a wooden beam in her room.

.According to Police, she committed suicide today (Wednesday) at around 8:45 am. Family has called the police after she have been inside the home for long time and found out that she was hanging in her own room for sometime.

According to the police, it has been revealed that the deceased has tried to commit suicide before this as well. So far no suicide notes or any other foul play has been found at the scene. The deceased committed suicide the very next day after returning home from maternal home.

DSP Thapa told that the immediate reason for suicide has not been revealed. The deceased’s husband is abroad for foreign employment. They also have a seven-year-old son.

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