8 houses destroys By Fire in Eastern Nepal - Nepal

8 houses destroys By Fire in Eastern Nepal

Rake Bazar Picture
Ranke Bazzar Fire destroyed Eight Houses.

06 NOVEMBER 2014, Eastern Nepal – Carelessness, Unaware about the danger and rough construction of houses are often cause a big loss for the public which sometime has to suffer with lives as well.

In a breaking news from the Eastern Region of Nepal, where Maoist Chairman hinted firing current government if their ideology could not implemented in the up coming constitution, A human error caused fire hag gutted Eight houses in the eastern hilly region border between Panchthar and Illam district, where all the 8 houses  were burnt completely to ashes in Ranke Bazaar  on Wednesday morning. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Local people said fire that might have caused due to a short-circuit caught the house of one Bishnu Mukhiya. Property worth more than Rs 50 million was destroyed in the fire and water supply, electricity and telephone lines in Ranke Bazaar were disrupted, Bikram Chemjong, former chairman of Ranke Bazaar Management Committee said.

The locals claimed fire engines reached the incident site late, making the matter worse. Local resident Sri Bista said that a fire engine from Ilam district headquarters, Ilam Bazaar arrived at the scene two hours later. Fire fighters in Ilam Bazaar said technical problems caused the delay in them reaching the incident site.

Some of the Pictures from Ranke Bazzar, Eastern Nepal:

As houses were built in cluster, the fire spread out quickly in the area. Police said they had to demolish a couple of houses to douse the fire and that 19 shops, operating from the burnt houses, were also destroyed.

“We have lost everything in the fire . We wonder how to sustain without any income source,” said local resident Mamata Gurung, who lost her shop in the incident.

Proper wiring of electricity wires, permanent type of building material and a little bit of awareness could help save properties and lives if cared.

Source: KOL