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Shoes with Buddha’s Imprints

August 25, 2012 Kathmandu – Humiliating some civilization is a business of America and it clearly shows the recent marketing of shoes produced in USA by Icon Shoes with the holy Lord Buddha in their design.

buddha on shoe 2

A US based shoe manufacturer “Icon Shoes” is now promoting a shoe which depicts the image of Lord Buddha which has resulted in the Tibetan and the Buddhist community protesting against the firm.

A search on the Icon Shoes website shows the company promoting some shoes depicting the image of Lord Buddha, which is named as “Thangka of the Buddha”

A foreign media report says, Tibetans and Bhutanese Buddhists have already written to the company, to express their disgust.

“They have flooded the company’s Facebook page with protest notes” added the news report. They have demanded the firm to withdraw the shoes from its catalog and return all the stocks they have distributed around the world as soon as possible.

“I really think you should stop manufacturing the shoes with Buddha’s imprint… it is totally against Buddhist sentiment,” wrote one Tshewant Gyeltshen on the company’s Facebook page.

Icon Shoes Buddha image

“I am a Buddhist. Your idea of putting Lord Buddha’s image on footwear is unethical,” said one Yoezer Gempo.

buddha shoe 3

This was published in various National and International News papers for several times but, Government of Nepal and India which are the main concern of Buddhism as these  Nations are birthplace of Lord  Buddha (Nepal)  and enlightened in India showing any courage to protest diplomatically.

buddha on shoes

We are hurt so badly and asking those if they accept their religious icon are similarly printed in foot-wares? Its a same of our face as our governments are not even showing any concerns.

Source: Times of India/Xinhua and other News Agencies.

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