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Security tightened in the capital ahead of May 27

May 26, 2012 Kathmandu – As Nepal’s constitutional assembly is going to end its final tenure tomorrow, and parties are still to form a consensus to promulgation of new constitution, The government has massively beefed up security in the capital, tougher especially in areas around the Constituent Assembly building at Naya Baneshwor, ahead of the May 27 deadline of the CA to issue the new constitution.

The Home Ministry has said 10,000 security officials have been mobilized in the streets of the capital to ward off possible security threats. Some 600 extra security men have been deployed in areas surrounding the CA building. Security vigil has been heightened in main towns across the country along with highways.

Security officials were seen around the entrance of the CA building with sniffer dogs today. They have also banned movement of people in streets around the CA building.

Indigenous communities staged sit-in programme few meters from the restricted area, demanding promulgation of the new constitution with identity-based federalism within the May 27 deadline. The sit-in ended without any security intervention.

Differences in parties future policy, different agendas that they should have solved by now are hindering to form consensus among the parties and general public are demanding to end this uncertainty and dissolve the current CA and announce for fresh election soon.
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