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Security Guards Punished By Nepalese Embassy in India

Nepalese Embassy in India19 APRIL 2014 – NEW DELHI, INDIA – The Nepalese Embassy in New Delhi, India has decreased the salary grade of its two security guards after finding the duo responsible for the escape of two rescued Nepali girls from the embassy’s compound a week ago.

Security guards Ganesh Poudel and Raghu Gyawali had earlier faced temporary suspension from their work in the wake of the incident.

Khagnath Adhikari, charge d’ affairs of the embassy , said the investigation showed that Poudel and Gyawali had neglected to perform their duty well and let the two girls slip past the embassy without anyone noticing. He said the salary grade of the two guards was slashed on the basis of a report submitted by a committee formed to investigate the incident. The embassy has also warned the security guards to be alerted while on duty and not to repeat similar mistakes in the future.

On April 11, a social organisation had rescued the two Nepali girls from a guest house and handed over to the embassy . The two girls had escaped two days later.

As Government of Nepal had banned the women below aged 30 to go aboard for work,India and Bangladesh’s airports are used to smuggled young women to traffic to the Gulf, Africa and European countries. In this incident as reported by unknown sources, those security officers may have been bribed to take those girls out of the custody of embassy and may have flown out of Delhi that very first day of escape.

This is all happening due to lack of job and source of income back in the country, Political parties are busy securing their seat and serving their children but thousands of young energetic youths are fleeing the country everyday in search of job and security for their future.

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