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Prachanda proposes strict measures to tame internal dissent, factionalism

Nepal Communist party United Maoist party chairman Pushpa kamal Dahal aka Prachanda

July 12,20112 Kathmandu – Political directorship is taking its heights as UCPN (Maoist) chairman has proposed strict measures to deal with ideological dissent and “factional politics” within the party.

In his political report presented in the central committee meeting that started at the party headquarters in Peris Danda on Thursday, Dahal mentioned that the party should adopt stricter policy as to to prevent the party organization from further weakening in the wake of the recent split.

Dahal proposed more power to the leadership on organizational matters in order to end the existence of different factions, along with less liberal approach while dealing with ideological dissent within the party.

In the report, the Maoist chairman argued that the party split because of too liberal approach on ideological discourse and factionalism.

The Maoist CC meeting, which comes ahead of the July 16-20 central plenum to be held in Kathmandu, will endorse his political document with necessary amendments following a discussion.
Dahal proposes strict measures to tame internal dissent, factionalism.
Prachanda who was a school teacher turn to be the highest ranking communist leader of Nepal is under pressure from the political parties and his own family who have highly involve in luxury lifestyle and sexual disorders. In a recent blow to his face, his own son Prakash Dahal runaway with his climb mate and a young student leader as his third wife.

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