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Prachanda is the lone horse in the race for Next Prime Minister

Prachanda is the lone horse in the race for Next Prime Minister

02 August 2016, Kathmandu – After Nine months of opposition role, Nepal’s largest Political party Nepali congress supporting CPN-Maoist Center Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ for the next Prime Minister of Nepal. Mr. Dahal has fielded his candidature in the race for Prime Minister in which he is the ‘lone horse’.

Accompanying Prachanda were Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, Upendra Yadav of the United Democratic Madheshi Front and other leaders from the RPP, Madheshi Janadhikar Forum-Democratic and some small parties. It has become clear that these parties will support Prachanda in the lone-horse race.
Moments after Prachanda registered his candidature in the Parliament, the CPN-UML standing committee meeting ended with the party deciding not to field candidature against Prachanda, putting dilemma on who to field for the race — party Vice-president Bam Dev Gautam and deputy leader of the UML Parliamentary Party, Subas Nembang — to rest.
The parties have till 4 pm (Tuesday) to field candidates for the race, but Prachanda, in all likelihood, is likely to be the lone candidate in the crucial race. Though Prachanda is likely to be the only candidate, his election to the top post will not be unanimous. The Parliament Secretariat has called a Parliament meeting at 11 am on Wednesday for the election of Prime Minister.
Sudarshan Kuinkel, deputy spokesperson for the secretariat, said: Even if there’s only one candidate, election has to be conducted as per the law. “The candidate has to show that s/he has a majority,” he said, adding: Parties like the UML can vote against Prachanda.

Current Government lead by K.P Oli of UML has failed to continue collision government as main supporting party Maoist and RPP has left the government aiming to form a new consensus government lead by Pushpa Kamala Dahal Prachanda.

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