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New PM for Nepal, Maoists claim as India’s Rao sought.

Kathmandu, Sep 16 : Reacting to Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao’s two-day visit to Nepal, the opposition Maoist party Wednesday claimed her ‘unofficial agenda’ was to assess a new prime minister for the Himalayan republic.

“The present government of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has failed,” said Chandra Prakash Gajurel, Maoist lawmaker and politburo member of the former guerrilla party.

“India is aware of that. Statements by Indian leaders imply that they feel an alternative should be found. During her interaction with the leaders of various political parties, Rao tried to look for an alternative, a new government that would be beneficial for India.”

Gajurel, who is former in-charge of the Maoists’ foreign affairs, also alleged there was a conspiracy by “regressive forces backed by foreign powers” to have the newly elected constituent assembly dissolved and prevent the drafting of a new constitution, which is at teh centre of of the peace agreement the former rebels signed three years ago to end their 10-year insurrection.

“And the Maoists will be portrayed as the villains,” Gajurel said. “Already, there is propaganda by the media houses in Nepal and abroad to that effect.”

The Maoist lawmaker said his party, “that had shed so much blood for a constituent assembly”, remained committed to the promulgation of a new constitution.

Though Maoist supremo Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is on a visit to Hong Kong and his deputy Baburam Bhattarai was engaged in a different programme, the former rebels hurriedly called a press conference also to express concern about Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent statements on Indian Maoists and infiltration by militants.

While Manmohan Singh has said that Indian Maoists have become the greatest threat to India’s internal security and that there is mounting infiltration by militants from Nepal, Bangladesh and across the sea, the statements have become garbled in Nepal.

The Nepal Maoists have been stung by what they allege is the Indian accusation that Indian Maoists have been seeking shelter in Nepal.

“If the Indian PM talks about Indian Maoists, it is an internal matter of India and we have no comments. However, if he is implying Indian Maoists are being sheltered in Nepal, which is what Nepal’s media has been saying, then we feel it is an attempt to create an environment so that India can justify its (interfering) action,” Gajurel said.

The Indian foreign secretary returned to New Delhi Tuesday winding up her two-day visit.

She had said the purpose of her visit was to assess the progress of the agreements made during Nepal’s trip to India last month.

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