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Nepali Congress-Maoist leaders lock horns over UNSG’s statement

Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party leader Ram Chandra Poudel has accused United Nations and its mission in Nepal of ‘preaching’ in the influence of the Unified CPN (Maoist), while Maoist leader Lila Mani Pokhrel has accused the ruling parties of criticisng UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s statement to promote Indian interest.

Speaking at a programme organised by Reporters Club Nepal in Kathmandu, Saturday, NC leader Poudel said, UNMIN is influenced by the Maoists, it should stop preaching and improve itself.

Poudel said, it is up to the Nepali people to determine what type of government to form by a democratic process and UNMIN or any other foreign agency don’t have the right to urge or direct on this issue.

In a different different programme organised in Nepalgunj, Saturday afternoon, Maoist standing committee member Pokhrel said the criticism of UNSG’s statement was fuelled by Indian interest.
Pokhrel said, UNSG’s statement is being explained in the interest of the Indian establishment.

India doesn’t want Nepal’s peace process to succeed, said Pokhrel. They want to have a monopoly influence in Nepal by sidelining the UN.

Pokhrel further said, the UNSG’s statement had justified Maoist demands for a national unity government.

UNSG Ban’s statement is not interference, but an expression of reality, he said.

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