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Nepali Congress Urged Government to Repatriate Nepalese Abroad

18 April 2020, KATHMANDU – Nepal’s opposition party has urged government to start repatriate Nepalese citizens living abroad as early as possible who wish to return their motherland as pandemic of corona virus has affected the world very badly.
According to the news sources, Nepali congress has written In a letter to the Prime Minister, NC Public relations coordination department Chief Govinda Bhattarai has urged the government to take note of the health condition of Nepalis out of the country for work, study or any other purpose, and take necessary steps in their interest.

“Diplomatic initiative should be taken to bring back those who want to return at this point of crisis,” reads the letter.

All the foreign returnees, as well as those stranded in the bordering areas, need to be quarantined inside the country. Furthermore, the party has also urged the government to prepare for the consequence of a large number of Nepalis losing their jobs abroad.
Nepalese in the middle eastern countries and south eastern countries are started loosing their jobs, home quarantined without pay or many would like to visit their parents and loved once during this horrific situation all over the world. Due to lock-down almost every country in the world, there are no flights, no trains or means of transportation to reach their destination, governments should take special arrangements to rescue them.
What do you think about this statement by Nepali congress at this time? Do you think Nepalese abroad to rescue and bring back to country or not? Please write your comments below.

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