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Nepalese show unity behind new constitution

May 30, 2012 Kathmandu – Politically unstable and financially one of the poorest country in The world, Nepal’s Constitutional Assembly could not deliver the much awaited new Republic’s constitution in four year which made  Tens of thousands of Nepalese from all walks of life marched here Wednesday to express their support for the much-awaited Constitution even as they opposed the strikes staged by ethnic groups during the last few days.

Nepal’s main shopping street Durbarmarg in this capital city was packed with hundreds of onlookers who cheered the marchers as they passed by accompanied by the singing of patriotic songs by renowned Nepali singers.Waving the national flags, burning candles and chanting “Nepal! Nepal!” the marchers showed solidarity and unity in calling for peace and stability in the nation.

On Tuesday, a three-day strike was called in Nepal by indigenous groups that have demanded for an ethnic-based federal form of government. The strikes paralyzed many parts of the nation. “With the lead of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries(FNCCI) and some other 122 small organizations across the nation, this mass action was organized to counter the ongoing strikes in the nation,” Dilip Gurung,one of the organizers told reporters.

He added that the goal of the rally is to show that despite the strikes, Nepal is fully behind the crafting of a new constitution for Nepal.

Constitutional expert Dinesh Tripathi told us that he joined the rally to demand for the writing of a new constitution in order to achieve peace and unity in the nation. “People have got the misconception that federalism will divide the nation but it not but rather would ensure the people’s rights. But federalism based on caste and ethnicity is not good for the country,” he said.

An engineering student Kabindra Shrestha, who was dressed in the national Nepali dress, told reporters that the rally is for Nepal, for peace and the new constitution.

“Nepalese are united behind the new constitution and sustainable peace in the nation,” Shrestha said.

Pramila Thapaliya, who was wearing a shirt painted with ” Welcome to Our New Constitution,” said that without the new constitution nothing good will happen in the nation. “Youth will strongly protest if our leaders fail to draft the new constitution, ” she said.

The deadline for the crafting of a new constitution by Nepal’s Constituent Assembly (CA) was on May 27 but it could not met deadline.The Supreme Court has already issued a ruling that there would be no further extension for the deadline, which has already been extended four times. Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai is now caretaker prime  minister until further arrangements as President announced.

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