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Major Opposition Parties praise Nepal Army’s proposal on integration

Nepal Army's PLA Integration Plan
Nepal Army's PLA Integration Plan

FEB 23, 2012 KATHMANDU – Long awaited debate of integration of Nepal’s Rebels into security forces may come to an end as The major two opposition parities – Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML–have welcomed the Nepal Army (NA)’s proposal on the integration of Maoist combatants. The meeting of the two parties on Thursday termed NA’s proposal as a positive approach.

“We have welcomed NA’s proposal as they have proposed to integrate the combatants up to the rank of a Major,” said UML leader Bhim Rawal.

Likewise, NC leader Arjun Narsingh K.C said that the two parties took the NA’s proposal on integration positively. Earlier, the opposition parties had criticized the NA for being too flexible with the Maoist combatants. Their earlier proposal stated that the combatants could be integrated as Brigadier-General at most.

Answering the same query, NA clarified that the proposal is under the norms of the interim constitution and agreement between the parties and claimed that the proposal does not suggest anything against the earlier agreements.

The meeting also stated that they would complain about the slow pace of the peace process and urge all to focus on the peace process rather than the constitution drafting process for the time being.

Likewise, the meeting opposed the government relief package readied for the differently able and wounded combatants, stating that the government did not discuss them with the other parties.

As many of the political leaders are still debating to continue the current government or to change to a new one, whether to extend the CA term for another anyonomous period of time or to end and go for fresh election, it is still unclear that those choosen combatants may integrate soon or not? Let’s hope for the peaceful Nepal.

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