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latest news on Pm election in Nepal as it happens

Kathmandu August 02, 2010- As Political parties are struggling to get enough support in their  side to with to head the next government in Nepal. Planned meeting of house of representatives was called for 4 PM but No one appeared in said time.

To elect new prime Minister any of two candidates should get the majority vote which in number of totaling 301 or more out of 601 legislature members in the constitutional assembly.

# Right now it is 4.07 PM and we saw Mr. Baburam Bhattarai deputy commander of Maoist party is arrived.

# No meeting has started due to parties are in discussion with other parties to get enough support in their side.

# It has planned for parliament meeting at 4 Pm but till now (4.40 pm) many of the legislator members are due to arrive.

# RPP Nepal has given full authority to their President Pashupati Samsher JBR to decide to who to vote.

# Madhesi Alliances are in meeting to take further  and final decision to vote or not in the process.

# Parliamentary working committee is in meeting to plan further procedure of electing prime minister if this round of voting also failed to elect any of those candidates. It further discussed  to change in laws to form next government as well.

# Nepal pheasant party supporting to vote for Maoist chairman Prachanda.

# Constituent assembly meeting started 4.30 hrs late and vote counting in underway now.

# Madhesi Allience stay neutral and not voting to any.

# Now at last voting result came out. no one again get the support required to elect the next prime minister of Nepal. maoist candidate scored only 259 and Nepali congress only 114.

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