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House resumes after PM’s address

MAY 18, 2012, KATHMANDU – The constituent assembly of Nepal, which was obstructed by some of the political parties who is in the government as well has resumed after Prime minister address and assured to work on their demand.

The Legislature-Parliament that was obstructed by the Broader Madhesi Front (BMF) resumed on Friday evening after Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai addressed the House.

In his address, the prime minister told the agitating lawmakers that the 11-state model of federalism is only preliminary. The resumption of House has paved the way for amending article 70 of the Interim Constitution.

The prime minister urged the Broader Madhesi Front (BMF) not to obstruct the Legislature-Parliament, drawing the attention of the agitating lawmakers towards the possible hindrance to amend the Interim Constitution 2007.

PM Bhattarai addressed the Legislature-Parliament after the BMF, a loose alliance of over 70 Madhesi lawmakers, obstructed the House session to protest against the 11-state model of federalism.

“It would not be possible to amend article 70 of the Interim Constitution that means the constitution cannot be promulgated on May 27,” said the prime minister in his address. He urged the lawmakers not to have a bad reputation in the history by obstructing the promulgation of new constitution at the final stage.

Reminiscing that the parties forged agreement at a time when the nation was on the brink of another conflict, the prime minister called on the lawmakers not to violate the situation.

After the PM’s address, Upendra Yadav, who heads the BMF, said the House obstruction was removed after the prime minister and UCPN (Maoist) Chairman assured to make changes in the 11-state federalism model.

Earlier on Thursday, Madhesi lawmakers representing various political parties including the Maoists, Madhesi and fringe parties had disrupted the House expressing reservations over the agreement between the major there parties to federate the country into 11 states.

The House session summoned at 3 this afternoon began at 8 this evening.

Source: KOL

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