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Bijukchhe said Prachanda and ex-Nepal King possess same mindset

While the Unified Maoists’ Party leaders threaten their detractors to make their fate similar to Nepal’s last Monarch Gyanendra Shah for not accepting their demands, there are some leaders who even claim that the Maoists’ Party was the brainchild of the former Royalties and it was taking on the course traced by the Former King(s).

“I see no difference between Former King Gyanendra and Prachanda”, commented Mr. Narayan man Bijukche Rohit, the chairman of the Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party. (Nepal workers party)

Mr. Rohit was addressing a program organized by his party in Gaur of Rautahat District, November 11, 2009.

Mr. Rohit who is always considered as someone who have had close relations with Nepal’s Former King Gyanendra Shah, surprisingly claimed that Prachanda’s avowals are in some way or the other very similar to the now sidelined King.

“He is adopting the same path traced by King Gyanendra to grab power”, claimed Bijukche.
One of the senior leaders of the Nepali Congress Party, Ram Chandra Poudel has repeatedly claimed that the Unified Maoists Party was the brainchild of Gyanendra Shah and Prachanda a follower of Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah.
King Mahendra, father of Nepal’s last King Gyanendra Shah amid chaos and uncertainty in the country and repeated failure of the democratically elected government then, to restore normalcy in the country had imposed a coup d’état December 1960, with the blessings of the Indian and the Chinese regime.

However, analysts claim that Nepal’s political actors who still make Gyanendra Shah a topic of their discussion, whether it is while addressing a rally or at a debate program, have kept the monarchy alive in the minds of the people.

Mr. Bijukche also claimed that the Unified Maoists’ Party has so far failed to justify its role as the main opposition party of the country.

Telegraph reports.

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