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PM warns against misleading publicity about Civil and Criminal Codes

16 August 2018, Kathmandu – Stressing the current trend of defaming and publishing various materials both online and offline media, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged all not to make misleading publicity regarding the Country Civil Code and the Country Criminal Code which will come into effect from tomorrow.

Prime Minister Oli was addressing a program to welcome new entrants to the Communist Party of Nepal at the party’s central office at Dhumrabarahi on Thursday.

“Much misleading propaganda has been spread around the implementation of the Country’s Civil and Criminal Code. But this is the law which had been passed by the parliament last year only after much discussion,” Prime Minister Oli clarified.

He urged against spreading rumor about both the codes that the doctors would be subjected to life imprisonment if a patient died in course of treatment in hospital.
Stating that it takes time to become used to new laws since there are new provisions in the new laws, PM Oli said there were no such provisions in the codes which would affect the people in negative way.

He stated that the government has been working in a way to give impetus to the development and construction works, to raise the living standard of the poor, to pay attention to social security, to maintain peace and national unity while remaining within the parameter of the constitution and the laws, urging one and all not to carry out activities that would create disturbance in the country in the name of fulfilling one’s interest.

“The government is not confused; the country is not confused; the people and the youths too are not  to confused. May be the opposition party has the false impression that we are confused. However, the government has consistently worked for the welfare of the country and our people,”  Prime Minister asserted.

Welcoming to the newcomers in the party, Chairman Oli expressed his gratitude and hoped new members would further help communist party to a new height.

He further said that the party would give responsibility to newcomers as they have joined the CPN with some expectation and belief.

On the occasion, Party’s Co- Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ highlighted about the  government has been carrying out activities for development and prosperity as per the Campaign ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’.


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