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Now to pay back the bribe taken for vote

Return the bribe you have take to vote us now!!
Return the bribe you have take to vote us now!!

NOV 25, MAHOTTARI, NEPAL – After allegations and agitations of Parties for several years, Nepal has just finished its second term of Constituent Assembly election but its propaganda and illegal activities are started to rise as major Political party has already been alleged Mainstream parties for election fraud and irregularities.

United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has already defy the election of conspiracy and cornered them using government institution and security forces in the election and are not willing to participate in main agenda of drafting of Constitution.

According to National News source RSS, it has been pay back time in some areas of terai region for voters where as political leaders and their cadres are taking back the financial support they have paid to voters to gain their vote to elect from those areas.

It is not clear that which party and who is the candidate who have distributed the money to buy votes from public, according to the breaking stories,

Some of the political parties and their candidates who allegedly distributed hundreds of thousands of rupees to buy votes are now said to be pressing the voters to reimburse the amount after facing defeat in the Constituent Assembly (CA) election held on November 19.

It is said that the parties and their candidates had distributed money to buy votes in most places in Mahottari Constituency No. 3 and 4.

Locals say that the leaders and cadres of a few political parties that allegedly distributed money to buy votes have started to exert pressure on their agents whom they had given money for distributing to voters after facing defeat in the election .

According to them, this is happening in Jaleshwar Municipality area, the district headquarters, and adjoining 10 Village Development Committees (VDCs) in Constituency No. 3.

“Leaders and cadres of some political parties facing drubbing in the election are asking the people for repay, using abusive language and threats to them,” said a local from Jaleshwar-5 on condition that his name not be disclosed.

Some people are learn to have even returned half the money they received from the parties and their candidates while others who have spent the entire amount have been forced to sign promissory deeds.

Similarly, locals in all the 14 VDCs in Constituency No. 4 also said that the agents of political parties who distributed money to buy votes are going around the villages asking voters to reimburse the amount.

It is alleged that some parties and candidates distributed up to a ten million rupees in Constituency No. 3 and 4 to buy votes.

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