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Iphone apps to know your neighborhood

iPhone application locates sex offenders in your neighborhood


Iphone 3Gs
Iphone 3Gs

This is an application to look into if you’re moving somewhere and you don’t know the area or if you are just concerned about the neighborhood you live in right now.

To be more specific, the Offender Locator application is a useful tool for prospective house buyers, renters, parents, people suffering from extreme paranoia, noisy people and well, just about everyone.


Well, it tracks sex offenders of course and you might be surprised who your neighbors are.

Anyways, the application has been out for more than a month and only costs a dollar. This kind of information is generally available online but with this application you can use the GPS to find Registered Offenders in your area, use your contact list to find them living near friends or family.

So if you’re curious, you can download the application here. And if your house shows up amongst a bunch of red balloons on the map, it might be time to think about moving out.

Cute jokes in bad taste.

Source: The Examiner



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