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French Company will print Nepal’s MRP now

MRP of Nepal
Machine Readable Passport are mandatory to travel to the countries around the world from September 2015 worldwide, So Nepalese government has signed the contract with a french company to publication of MRP for citizens to change and get new passport.

Kathmandu July 08, 2010-A long awaited diplomatic crisis,  suffering of so many citizens who travels to the world, most controversial Machine readable Passport (MRP) printing for foreign ministry of Nepal has ended lastly.

After all the fiasco on Nepal’s MRP (Machine Readable Passport) printing contract, finally French company Oberthur Technologies was awarded multi million dollars job yesterday 6/07/2010. But the company needs to sign the contract with Nepalese government in week’s time.

The French company with 10 million passports production per year capacity is set to charge Nepalese Government little over 4 Australia dollars per Passport.

There were four companies bidding for the passports

Company Country Bid Price per Passport (USD)
Perum Peruri Indonesia $7.06
De La Rue UK $8:24
3M Technology Singapore $5.30
Oberther Technologies France $4.22

Hopefully contracted is signed and process of printing MRP passport begins soon. The French company is meant to print 4 hundred thousand passports in less than 3 months of signing the contract.

It dragged the government and involved Foreign Minister herself to give this contract to an Indian company without any compettition few months ago ended without progress as Nepal communist Party Maoist started strike against the cause.

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