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Junior Police Officer Karki commits suicide?

What Makes People kill themself? What are the reasons behind someone compelled to kill their own life? Poverty, depression, family dispute, or bad habits?

A junior police officer found dead by a shoot in his own right temple by his own pistol in Kathmandu yesterday. According to the reports, Assistant Inspector of Police Bishnu Prasad Karki has committed suicide.

Karki, stationed at the Swayambhu Police station, is said to have shot himself with his pistol near the right temple of his head.

The reason for the suicide is still under investigation, police have said. In common practice, officers should not carry their weapons with them as they are no more in duty hour. Lack of proper implementation of rules, many officers are carrying their duty time weapons with them while they are at home too. It may have increased the risk of more crime and such suicide acts as well.

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