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Computer Education in the remote village

05 October 2013 Dhading, Nepal – Education is the key skill that a country could develop from nowhere to somewhere in twenty first century, as many countries are reforming their education system with modern technology and modern syllabus in the school rooms. Unfortunately, student like me or from the third world countries like Nepal can only dreamed such facility.

“Nothing is Impossible” which could focus your intention to do something that was not really possible in the past, same thing happened to a remote village where a school is about an hour walking away and many of the students are came from a poor farmers. They can’t even purchase notebooks, and a small fee to the school then how could they dream of having modern latest computers in their household or in their class room?

But, if you have some individuals, who were ex-alumni of the school and have will to help out, the above proverb must come true. the same happened to the Shree shankha devi higher secondary school in Dhading district of Nepal. A government school where class rooms are barely called a room, tinted roof and basic furniture, but they have access to the world by modern technology.

Recently they have started general fundamental courses of basic computing in their school with the 21 numbers of latest computers and a projector.

here are some pictures of the school which was sent by the computer teacher to the community who helped this event come true.

keep your faith towards your community. Nothing is impossible!!!

Here are the Glory of achievement so far:

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