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Cecelia Webber Human Body Arts

Cecelia Webber Human Body Art series
Cecelia Webber Human Body Arts

June 29, 2012, Kathmandu – I just came across some beautiful pictures on the internet and found this amazing artist’s fantastic art work which i would like to share with people around the world. The artist’s Name is Cecelia Webber from California USA and here is brief introduction about her and her art works:
Cecelia Webber is a New Hampshire-born artist working primarily in digital photography art and acrylic painting. After graduating in 2008 from the University of Southern California, her Flowers Series went viral online and rapidly gained international exposure, propelling her into the spotlight across the blogosphere.

In early 2010, Cecelia’s Flowers Series opened at Renown Hospital’s Healing Arts Program at the Institute for Cancer in Reno, Nevada, USA. She premiered her Butterflies Series at Barneys New York in New York City in early 2011, and her Birds Series debuted at the Museo Civico (Natural History Museum) of Verona, Italy in early 2012 as part of Infinitamente, a science and art festival created by Verona University in conjunction with the City of Verona.

Cecelia’s artwork has been featured in many international publications, including Vanity Fair (Italy), ELLE (Mexico), Duzhe (China), Angeleno (Los Angeles), Better Photography (India), Residence (Sweden), and designboom (international online).

In her art, Cecelia explores how people understand themselves in relation to their perceived realities, creating art as a means of heightening emotional experience through manipulation of imagery and form. She works to make people aware of their link to nature and to inspire a sense of responsibility to make environmentally friendly choices. Additionally, she hopes to help people realize a positive self-image of their bodies and to have the ability to look at nudity and nakedness as comforting, vulnerable, and beautiful.

‘blue lilac’, of the ‘flowers series’ by cecelia webber

 hands are reconceptualized as seeds and legs as leaves or petals in the photographic compositions created by los angeles-based artist cecelia webber, in which images of flowers, leaves, and butterflies are assembled from hundreds of photographs of the nude human form. each composition can take up to two months to produce, and involves photographing scores of poses; digitally cutting, rotating, and colouring the resulting images; and assembling all of the components together into the finished piece. because even slight nuances of colour and form become magnified in their final context, webber frequently takes more than fifty photographs of a single pose to achieve the desired form. the artist also regularly uses herself as a subject, setting a camera timer and then orienting herself for the photograph.


‘cherry blossom’, of the ‘flowers series’

detail of ‘cherry blossom’

 ‘the most difficult part,’ webber reflects, ‘is orchestrating the relationships between the different poses, and thinking of the human body as a three dimensional object collapsed into a 2D plane to form a shape.’ the production process necessarily involves significant sketching and planning to envision the poses required for the final image, but the final works also reflect an openness to experimenting with unexpected forms and relationships that arise during the process. in fact webber first began producing the series upon noticing the similarity of the human figure to a flower petal as she was taking an ordinary series of nude photographs, and began experimenting to see whether she could recreate an entire flower.

‘jungle pink’, of the ‘flowers series’

‘purple flower’, of the ‘other flowers II’ series

‘monarch’, of the ‘butterflies’ series

‘gerbera’, of the ‘other flowers I’ series

‘vivid’, of the ‘butterflies’ series

‘rose’, of the ‘other flowers II’ series

 conceptually, the pieces are rooted in a desire to encourage the rethinking of the human body, re-contextualizing it into the natural world of which it is a part: ‘nudity is sometimes thought of as a shameful thing, inspiring guilt or fear,’ webber notes, but fundamentally our body is the ‘medium through which each of us experiences reality, and the complex relationships within the body and its environment create the human psyche.’


‘traveler’, of the ‘butterflies’ series

detail of ‘traveler’

‘chrysalis’, of the ‘butterflies’ series

limited edition prints of the ‘flowers’ and ‘butterflies’ series, as well as custom commissions, are available through cecelia webber’s website.

Editor’s Note: All The Pictures are copyrighted by the owner and may not sell or re-produce without written permission from Cecelia Webber the copyright owner.

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