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62nd National Democracy Day of Nepal

FEB 19, 2012 Kathmandu – Meaning of Democracy is lowered by now then the spirit of freedom and democratic movement has no where to be seen in Nepal as political parties and government of Nepal are celebrating its 62nd National Democratic Day today.

National Democracy Day is celebrated on the seventh day of Nepali month of Falgun each year since 1951 in memoir of then King Tribhuvan backed by Indian and other political leaders returned from exile in India on this day,which has ended the 104-year-old autocratic Rana regime in Nepal.

Nevertheless, the democracy could not be exercised for long soon after  the then King Mahendra (son of King Tribhuvan) implemented the one-party Panchayat system in 1960 which lasted for another 30 years till 1989 in Nepal.

However, the day is still observed in the country to commemorate the struggle of people and establishment of their freedom.

Issuing a message on the occasion, President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav extended best wishes  to all Nepali people inside and outside the country.

Recalling the day 62 years ago, President Yadav said this was the very day when the autocratic regime was abolished by the Nepali people and the day was observed as the National Day.

He further stressed the drafting of the much awaited constitution and realization of durable peace in the nation by keeping intact the national integrity and sovereignty.

The nation has witnessed tremendous achievements in the sector of education, health, communication and physical infrastructures after the abolition of the autocratic regime, said the president. We still could not establish the true democracy in Nepal as our political systems are hampered by different movements during our history and now the day has come to end all the political instability and to get together to bond in one single garland to develop ourselves and our nation for the future generation, President stressed.

Samani Subedi, who works at a local company, told reporters on Sunday said democracy means equal opportunities to everyone, it means freedom to live life in own ways.

“When we go back to the history, then we see how our grandparents had fought for freedom and I feel great that because of their struggle we are living a blissful life,” she added.

Nepal became a democratic republic nation after the Constituent Assembly declared the country a  newest republic by abolishing Monarchy on May 29, 2008, ending the 240-year rule of the  regime.

Nepal observed the 62nd National Democracy Day on Sunday with celebrations across the country.

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