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Why Has Black Coat was Banned for Dev Anand?

FEB 19, 2012 Kathmandu – A legendary Film actor, producer and director Dev Anand who has left us in glory with his films and passes away on December 04, 2011. There are thousands of reason why we remember Dev Anand, he was famous in Nepalese community as well as he was frequent visitor to Nepal for his film and he was close friend of Late King Mahendra of Nepal as well.

There are some rumors about Dev Anand that he was banned to wear black coat due to his sexy and lady killer appearance. Here is some of the thoughts why it was really happened.

Sunday the fourth day of December circa 2011, golden era of Hindi cinema’s most charming lady killer Dev Anand left the glamorous world to become heavenly body.

The story which ended after 3 hours on every Friday with- “And then they lived happily ever after”, came to the real end as in his first COLOR Movie “The Guide”.

Dev Anand, who came to Bombay in 1945 from Gurdaspur in Punjab and gave his first movie ‘Hum Ek hain’ in 1946 and the journey which started then, came to The End on 4th December, 2011.

Six decades facing camera (last movie released in September 2011 Charge sheet) and hypnotizing grandmother, daughter & grand-daughter, a feat no one could achieve.

Dev Sahib (popularly known), a man full of zest for life, passionate for making movies was a graduate and in most of his interviews he used to express on his qualifications B.A. Honors. Brave and Admirable, when other stars were not even metric pass, he redefined film industry with his brave brand of style, sense, smile and sex appeal .His black coat after Kaala bazaar became a trend (which some say Dev was banned to wear). His looks were compared to Gregory Pack- the great Hollywood star, his charisma, charm & child like smile was intoxicating & every generation admired, adored and appreciated him.

It was Ziddi with Kalpana Karthik that got him a leap frog jump in tasting success and Baazi was termed as the game Changer. Dev got married to Kalpana Kathik in 1954 during the shooting of Nau Do Gyrah, a movie directed by his younger brother Vijay Anand. This was followed by string of hits & flops and Dev was given the title of leap year hero.

Dev’s first color colossus was Guide, the movie which gave Dev international presence. The movie took the cinema world by storm and Dev Sahib was awarded his second Film-fare award. The word live in relationship was not even coined then which was the theme of the movie. Dev always took scripts which were ahead of time or the issues of time. His Hare Rama Hare Krishna was a trend setter for hippie era, Des Prades was on the burning issue of difficulties to Indian migrants in London, for themes and personifications by Dev are remembered and discussed by his admirers. Dev introduced battery of stars- Tina, Zeenat, Johnny Walker to name a few. His hits & flops command same respect -Pyaar Mohabat with Saira Banu though forgotten was one of his best detective movies, Shaarabi the real boozer, Roop ki rani chooron ka raja a masterpiece, not to name Tere mere sapne, Ameer garib, Janeman, Kaala bazaar, CID, Tere ghar Ke Samne, Hum Dono, Prem Pujari, Jewel thief and the list goes on.

Dev Anand was the versatile actor who took playback voice from Rafi, Hemant Kumar & Kishore kumar but his style statement was Kishore Kumar.

Dev’s style in all the movies was superlative, no one could reach his personality and he was fearless in narrating a story irrespective of the acceptability of his ideas by the viewers. His coordination with his team, be it Director Goldie Vijay Anand or Guru Dutt or himself, his music sense, lyrics, locations were unmatched in style.

But now physically he may not be there but his movies, his songs- har phikar ko dhuey may odhata chala gaya, gaata rahen mera dil, dum maro dum, chudhi nahin yeh mera dil hai, ruk ruk ruk o jana and above all his sensuous style of calling Waheda in guide “Rosy Rosy please Rosy’ will keep vibrating with his three generations of fans and the generations to come…