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Kasturi Fashion Boutique Opened

05 September 2022, Pokhara – Many of our educated youths are hanging around without job or in confusion about their future success. Some have studied technical subject and started their own business to make their living.

In the current scenario of unemployment around the world, The boutique business is booming with customer attraction towards designer dresses increasing and purchasing power rising. Nepali customers have become more brand and fashion conscious due to which demand for designer wear has swelled.

Kasturi Fashion Boutique launched nearly a year ago. Jeseeca Dhamala graduates in fashion design, joined forces and opened the store where she sell lehengas, sarees and gowns which she design herself besides made-to-order clothing.
“The changing concept of Nepali customers towards fashion and style has boosted the business,” said Dhamala, proprietor of the boutique. The boutique has designer dresses with prices ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs 90,000. Likewise, bridal lehenga prices range from Rs 35,000 to Rs 80,000. It takes more than 7 days to make the dress, she said.

According to her, social media has made it easier to do business as they can make direct contact with exporters and place orders for fabrics and accessories to design the dress.

With Dashain and Tihar, the greatest festivals of Nepal approaching, boutiques in Pokhara are introducing trendy designs to attract customers. Pokhara, a popular hub for fashionable people and very few specialized boutiques around, business like Kasturi boutique has a great future in the days to come.

Kasturi Fashion Boutique, established in 2021, offers stylish clothes for all ages. The boutique business is on a rising trend, said Dhamala. The boutique uses domestic and international fabrics and accessories to make its products. The store uses Nepali Dhaka and cotton and imported other fabrics from India, China, Japan and Korea, she said.

The boutique has a staff of 3 at the moment. According to her, monthly sales go up to around Rs500,000 during the wedding season.
“During the off-season, our monthly turnover amounts to Rs200,000,” said the boutique owner. Business increases by double digits during the wedding and festive seasons.

The Kasturi Fashion Boutique is located in the heart of Touristic town Pokhara in relatively popular landmarks near by, in Lakeside. It is exactly in the 13th street, opposite of Hotel Barahi Pokhara.

its a great pleasure to announce that our brand new store with collection of new and trendy designs are in display with variety of fabric and wearables . You all are cordially invited to visit our new store as she announced.

The Boutique has almost all the social pages to reach along with her own personalized online store and personal fashion and lifestyle blog to contact remotely online.