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Namaste Everyone!!!. We are emerging From top of the world. Please pop in back again for full pleasure of this site. We are working hard to update and maintain this site. We Request all the visitors, well-wishers and Journalists to write to us. Many of the stories are within us and we can make our story the world’s story. Let’s start a New way of sharing and caring, Have a Nice time With us.


As we started few Years ago, we were no where to known to the world, we just could not keep it updating due to so many reasons, we are working personnel out of online business, we are busy working and taking sometime to update this site with the like minded people like you, me and others.

You can simply register with us and start submitting your articles, videos, pictures, news, views and anything that matters to Nepal and your part of the world.

We have upgraded our system with speed up of content, better seo, better navigation and better look of front page. stay connected, and let’s make a difference from our end to the world as well. This site is Purely on volunteers and writers who wants their voice to be heard. We are not associated with any media or publishing companies in any part of the world but we are connected with you and want to be connected forever with the community that we live. We are Just  FREELANCERS.

How Much do you know about Nepal? To Know someone first you have to know the people, culture, location, language and  tradition of those you are thinking of. Here is one video for you all to watch;

101 East – Nepal: A new beginning (Al Jazira)

101 East - Nepal: A new beginning