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Yarsagumba The Himalayan Viagra

Yarsagumba The Himalayan Viagra

MAR 13, 2012 Kathmandu – Once again government of Nepal has ask traders and collectors to submit their proposals to collect and sale Yarsagumba (The Himalayan Viagra) in various districts of Nepal. Many villagers from Gorkha, Manang, Salyan, Dolpa, Rukum, Mustang, Rolpa and other Mountain districts are now pounding  to collect this mysterious herbs and pocket huge amount of Money until next picking season.

What is Yarshagumba, Cordyceps Sinesis (the Himalayan Viagra)?

Yarsagumba is a rare and unique herb. It is a plant in the summer and insect in the winter. That is why it is called ‘summer grass – winter worm’. Yarshagumba (The Himalayan Viagra) is an exceptional combination of a yellow caterpillar and a mushroom (fungus). Just earlier to the rainy season, spores of cordyceps fungus infect these Himalayan caterpillars that live on moist grass and hollow soil after the fungus buries itself in the caterpillars body.

It works its way out through the insects head that lives underground. The parasite gets the energy from the caterpillar. The fungus parasite gets so far into the body of the caterpillar that all the energy from the insect is drained out and ultimately it dies. As temperature increases and the snow melts Yarshagumba emerges and is collected at this time. During the rainy season Yarshagumba (The Himalayan Viagra) is swept away.

It is a parastic, annul nonchlorophyllous fungus. The gritting structure of the species comes from the anterior head of larva of the caterpillar. Yarshagumba has two components. The lower part is dead caterpillar and the upper part is a fungus. The fungus has a small spike with dark, brown fructification and yellowish white stalk. The size of the fungus is about 4 – 12 cm in length and 0,14 – 0,4 cm in width.

Different names are valid.

The Nepalese name is Yarshagumba. Nowadays it is well known in the name of Himalayan Viagra too. The English and Latin name is Cordyceps Sinesis, it is called in China Dong Chong Xia Cau,Yartsa-Gunbu in Tibbet and Kira-jhar in India. The trade of Yarsha Gumba is increasing and it has been regarded as an expensive life saving tonic and it is famous to be a cure for sexual impotence. That’s why it’s also called Himalayan Viagra.

Where it grows.

Yarshagumba grows in the pastures above 4.000 meters up to 5.000 meters in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Specially it is found in the subalpine region of the Himalayan snowline in Dolpa, Jumla, Humla, Khalikot, Bajhang, Mustang, Manang and Rasuwa area of western and central Nepal.

Medical uses of Cordyceps sinesis, Yarsagumba.

Cordyceps is a powerful tonic and can help to restore normal functioning of the body, stimulate immune response, increase energy, vitality, and longevity. Recent research has shown that cordyceps can improve sport performance and muscle-building capability. In TCM, Cordyceps has been used to help regulate blood pressure, strengthen cardiovascular system, and improving sexual energy and desire. Clinical tests performed at Hunan Medical University have shown that cordyceps is effective in relaxing the smooth muscles tissue of the penis, increasing blood flow, resulting in harder erections.

A few animal studies have shown cordyceps feeding to increase the ratio of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to inorganic phosphate (Pi) in the liver by 45-55% – an effect that may be viewed as beneficial in terms of energy state and potential for performance enhancement. Furthermore, mice fed cordyceps and subjected to an extreme low oxygen environment, were able to utilize oxygen more efficiently (30-50% increase), better tolerate acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and live 2-3 times longer than a control group. A number of Chinese clinical studies, primarily in elderly patients with fatigue, cordyceps-treated patients reported significant improvements in their level of fatigue, ability to tolerate cold temperatures,memory and cognitive capacity and sex drive.
Yarsha Gumba is a rare species of plant widely used in clinical use and as a household remedy. It is a good and natural medicine for sexual intercource, who are unable to have sex. For the following points it is used.

  1. Yarshagumba is considered to be potent at strengthening lung and kidneys, increasing energy and vitality, stopping hemorrhag decreasing phlegm.
  2.  It has traditionally been used for impotence, backache to increase sperm production and to increase blood. It is used specifically for excess of tiredness, , impotence, debility, anaemia, to build the bone marrow.
  3.  It is taken for shortness of breath, , emission soreness of loins and knees, dizziness and tinnitus.
  4. It is used specially for excess tiredness,chronic cough and asthama,debility,liver and anemia
  5. It is used for strengthening the immune system.

Cordyceps may help improve libido and quality of life in men & women experiencing sexual frustration. In a double blind and placebo-controlled study involving 200 men with reduced libido and other sexual problems, Cordyceps significantly enhance their sexual function. 64% of the Cordyceps-users reported significant improvement in sexual function compared with 24% of the placebo group.

According to a double blind, placebo controlled study published on Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 21 elderly women experiencing sexual frustration were given Cordyceps supplementation. 90% reported improvements in libido and sexual health following the use of Cordyceps, compared with none in the control group. In another human clinical study involving 189 men and women with decreased libido and desire, 66% showed improvement of symptoms and desire after Cordyceps supplementation.
It is also used for a sexual purpose as natural Viagra. So it’s of great importantance for men and women, children, adults any age of groups. After using of Yarshagumba it gradually empowers internal energy inside our body in a natural way, as well as that it acts as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Using method.

It is very easy to use, just put it in boiling water or it can be boiled with water, then sipping the liquid as tea, coffee milk or honey. It can be bitten and swallowed simply in the way of tasting like liquorice. Nowadays many companies and pharmacy using as powder and making capsule, tablet and mixing in our hygienic food, but we like to use it in natural way which can be very useful for our health. It is still a popular aphrodisiac for men.

Success Stories.

The popularity of this Yarsagumba (Himalayen Viagra) recently grew because of 2 Chinese female athletes, Wang Junxia and Qu Yunxia, who beat the world records for 100, 3.000 and 10.000 meters running in 1993 in stuttgart, Germany. They were reported to have used cordyceps (yarsagumba) at the recommendation of their coach.
According to the Bensky (2006) laboratory-grown cordyceps sinensis mycelium has similar clinical efficiency and less associated toxicity. He notes a toxicity case of constipation, abdominal distention and decreased peristalsis, two cases of irregular menstruation and one case report of amenorrhea following ingestion of tablets or capsules containing in Chinese medicine, it is considered sweet and warm, it enters the lung and kidney channels. The typical dosage is 3-9 grams. There are many stories of success after regular use of yarsagumba.

Price :

Now  how much does this beneficial and hardly available fungus costs you? A estimated of about $15, 000 Per Kg is real pricing in the international market for this herb but those who collects yarsagumba from the mountains makes hardly 2-5 US dollar per piece or less. There are always a different stories about the pricing but Government of Nepal charge about .50cents as royalty to collect yarsagumba from various region of the country in the summer every year. A Kilo of yarsagumba is about 3500 to 5500 pieces in dry format which need huge effort to collect in the harsh mountains.

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