Negligent Doctor cuts off baby's head during delivery - Health

Negligent Doctor cuts off baby’s head during delivery

13 August, 2018 Quetta -Pakistan – Negligence, medical error and lack of proper knowledge is often resulting in horror in Many part of the world. Specially in developing countries such as south Asia and Africa has various cases of Medical irregularities and irresponsible acts recorded in various time.

This time in the City of Quetta, Pakistan, a female doctor decapitated a baby by mistake, leaving the body inside the mother’s womb recently.

Doctor accidentally cuts off baby's head during delivery
Doctor accidentally cuts off baby’s head during delivery

The private clinic left the maimed body of the newborn inside the mother’s womb and asked the family to take her to the Civil Hospital for a surgical procedure.

The body was then removed through surgical intervention at Quetta’s Civil Hospital, according to a report in  Pakistan based news online Tribune.

The baby’s father, Abdul Nasir claimed that the hospital staff at the private clinic refused to provide him with a medical report. The father is seeking justice for his loss and  then rushed to the Quetta Press Club to lodge a protest.

The doctor ripped apart the head and body of the newborn, said the shattered father to the newspaper. The alleged doctor is said to be working as the deputy district health officer in Pakistan.

Even After making such a great irreparable mistake, concern medical center should apologize and give proper explanation and compensation for the loss, they are refusing the media and victims.

Relatives of the couple protested and asked to take action against the negligence. Hope newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and his government work towards better health system in the country.