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What Is Reiki And How Does It Work?

Reiki is a system that was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian Minister in Japan. One day a learner hit him with the area “do you accept miracles” he said, “Yes I accept miracles,” and the learner said, “Well show us a miracle.”

This threw his life in a tailspin for a short time and he went out on a quest. This quest led him to various monasteries and he went to Tibet and Nepal this is where Reiki started out, in Tibet and Nepal, and Burma, and what most people don’t accept is that this is a shamanism practice.

It still has its symbol credit to Usui. Crowd Spring. He bites up fasting and not even drinking any water for like 22 days upon a bushel in Japan and on the last day when he was about dead he finally went into a shamanistic joy and these symbols came to him.

He felt he was lifted off the ground and these symbols were burned through his body, and when the entire affair is over he felt like he might take on the world.

When he curved approximately and started to walk off he kicked a rock and broke up his toe. It started blood loss profusely and something came to him to take his hands and put them on his feet and the blood loss stopped.

The pain went away so he walked down the bushel and he got to an inn and decided to get something to eat. The innkeeper came out to wait on him and he noticed that her face was bandaged up because she had a bad tooth.

He ate his meal and to recompense the innkeeper he put his hands on her jaw and they got so warm they almost burned her, but when she took off the bandage her jaw was fine.

He went on and that is how Reiki was re-discovered. Now the affair about Reiki channel animation in a particular pattern because of the symbols to heal someone and restore harmony. Now, Reiki works on restoring agreement to the body.

That is an animation that has become imbalanced. It can be used to get rid of animation blocks; it can detoxify your system. It can bring about deep relaxation so a person can sleep. It does this by introducing universal life animation that meets with the vibrational animation of each person and helps to bring that into balance.

So it waterfalls under the same aegis of any hands-on healing modality. Swamp People. Now I know people aren’t going to want to hear this but some people will get a Reiki treatment and they walk away feeling lower or feel like they have something attached to them.

Mainly, this is because the person treating you had “stuff” and they weren’t being a clear and open channel and their “stuff” got on you.

Now I say this in all candidness I pull no punches I’ve seen the best these things can do and I have seen the worse.

Seo Services. Ignorance gets us into afflict and it’s our ego that keeps us there. If you can’t get yourself out of the way it is a disservice to anybody that you are active on and I have seen this. You have to get yourself out of the way and truly be that open clear channel for spirit to move through.