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Human heart tissue grown in petri dish

14 August 2013 – Advance Scientific research and modern technological innovation has made our life easier and curing diseases are faster and safer by implanting artificial organ and components. In recent innovation, a group of scientists in USA has claimed that they have grown human heart tissues in petri Dish.

According to the news, Scientists said on Tuesday they had used stem cells to grow human heart tissue that contracted spontaneously in a petri dish marking progress in the quest to manufacture transplant organs.

A team from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, used induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells generated from human skin cells to create precursor heart cells called MCPs.

IPS cells are mature human cells ‘reprogrammed’ into a versatile, primitive state from which they can be prompted to develop into any kind of cell of the body.

The primitive heart cells created in this way were attached to a mouse heart ‘scaffold’ from which the researchers had removed all mouse heart cells, they wrote in the journal Nature Communications.

The scaffold is a network of nonliving tissue composed of proteins and carbohydrates to which cells adhere and grow on.

Placed on the 3D scaffold, the precursor cells grew and developed into heart muscle, and after 20 days of blood supply the reconstructed mouse organ “began contracting again at the rate of 40 to 50 beats per minute”, said a University of Pittsburgh statement.

“It is still far from making a whole human heart,” added senior researcher Lei Yang.

Ways have to be found to make the heart contract strongly enough to pump blood effectively and to rebuild the heart’s electrical conduction system. “However, we provide a novel resource of cells — iPS cell-derived MCPs — for future heart tissue engineering,” Yang said by email.

 Source: AFP

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