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Help for child’s treatment

JAN 24, 2012 KATHMANDU – Our health system does not support poor, we do no have insurance policy to protect us, we are no even having basic health services in the villages of mountains and we are illness of all kind.

The poverty-stricken family of Phulman Ale, 6, had no earthly means to afford his treatment when his illness started to surface. The family had no choice but to see his health deteriorate further.

To make the matter worse, the child’s only caretaker his mother cannot speak. According to a relative, his father had abandoned him.

The child was brought to Kathmandu for medical treatment and to seek a charity home for his upbringing. “We spent Rs 200,000 for his treatment but his doctor said the whole medical process would cost about Rs 800,000. As we had no money, we have been compelled to take him back to the village,” she added.

Ale is now living with his maternal relatives at Dada Gaun in Lekhani VDC. The poor family has appealed for contributions for the child’s treatment. People with a heart to help are requested to call 9744040687.

Further details will be updated soon as we are in process to contact to the family and hospital to arrange something for this child to save from the illness he have, please write us if you are in interest to help???

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