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Death Toll Reached 114 in Nepal by CoronaVirus

The world is struggling to survive the deadly spread of coronavirus. Even imposed almost 3 months of lockdown, virus spread is increasing rather it should have been declared zero coronavirus infection inside the country as it was thought earlier.
The government has confirmed one more death from coronavirus in Gandaki Pradesh on Monday morning.

The deceased has been identified as a 60-year-old man of Waling municipality-3 in Syangja district, according to the Ministry of Social Development of Gandaki Pradesh.

With this, the number of deaths from coronavirus in Nepal has reached 14, said Dr. Binod Bindu Sharma, Spokesperson of the COVID-19 Control and Prevention Program, Gandaki Pradesh.
As of today declaring the death of a man in Gandaki state, Nepal has a total of 3448 tested and confirmed infected people, out of which 467 discharged after recovery and rest are in hospitals taking medication. It is 118 per million rates of the population as per WHO statistics.

He had been kept in isolation in Pokhara Academy of Health Science after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.
Business shut down for almost 3 months now, no public transportation and many of the working-class families and individuals are dying due to starvation. The public demonstration may begin soon due to this agony if the situation goes as it is. The government’s role in keeping people alive, assuring of testing each individual is far from expectation and the only lockdown of everything won’t stop virus from spreading.