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Under Water Studio for cinematography of different kind

06 April 2019 – We have seen various movies with some great scenes looks real in nature but many of them are specially designed studios which has mimicked viewers for several years.

Recently a  movie titled Bringing Circle has shooed in Belgium which will portray Arctic landscape and reality. According to some filmy magazines, Hollywood Director Joachim Hayden filmed some of his latest films during a snowstorm in the Arctic, but the idea of ​​taking actors and crew into frozen water was excluded. Luckily he had another choice.
The film “Bringing Circle” is a winter diving trip by two sisters in Norway and ends with problems. The first film to be filmed in a new underwater studio opened in Belgium in a nine-meter-deep pool built specifically for a film studio.
The studio has a moving floor, which means that places can be built to shoot on the ground and then drop into the water. Cranes on the sides of the swimming pool raise boats and other equipment and there are staff to train representatives.
“Filmmakers and filmmakers come to us and say,” In this scenario that has been in the treasury for five years and I think it will not be possible to implement this project because it is very dangerous, “said Karen Jensen, one of the founders of Lights studio on the outskirts of Brussels.
“But here, it can be filmed in real life and in a safe way.”
The studio includes two dry platforms and a water platform with wind and wind machines that can create a perfect storm for any film that requires a storm.