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Tribute to the POp King

I was just stunned by the news on Friday morning that pop king Michael Jackson is no more. I was at home and my internet connection was not working since 2 days. i could not update my blogs, sites and could not read or watch what really going on in the world. and it was my day off as well so i could not access to the net to search for news. Today i am here in my office and first thing i did was read about him and posted some news that was available on the net. i found this one about who pays tribute to the pop king till now through a news site. i had copied some and edited myself for some and posted here for you to continue to pay tribute . Please write your tribute as your comment here it will be published as it is without censoring or editing. we love to hear from you.  “Long Live Jackson as Pop King”!!!

Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the 1980’s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time.
Pop Star Michael  Jackson
“When I received the text that the King of Pop had passed on, the feeling was surreal. I thought this was a hoax until the news came in on CNN. For some reason, when the news set in I felt an instant and overwhelming amount of pain come over me. The man whose edgy, original, funky, smooth and timeless pieces of work I had grown up listening to was gone and then I thought of my eight year old son who loves Michael like most kids love Chris Brown these days. I got home and watched all the newscast and stations playing non-stop Michael hits and I looked around in my house and realized something amazing. My mother, myself and my children were all crazy about this one iconic individual. In these day and ages, what are the odds that 3 generations would love the same music? Well the way I see it, its not odd at all, for goodness sakes, its MICHAEL JACKSON. He will truly be missed and I plan on blasting his hits for the years to come. My children will still be able to say they grew up listening to the best! My love, support and prayers go out to all of his fans, friends and family!”
–Maurisha Minor, Phoenix, Ariz.
“In your life you may have felt alone and have had to face extreme scrutiny, but I hope you look upon the world from heaven and hear all the voices and cries of millions, if not billions, of people who love you and mourn for the loss of you, our King of Pop for all time. Your music and your voice will live on in our hearts forever and we will never forget your talented gifts you shared with us. I’ve been playing You Are Not Alone over and over and can’t believe you are gone. We will miss you. I extend my deepest condolences and sympathies to Michael’s family and all the fans who are grieving at this terrible loss. I’m heartbroken.”
–Kelly, Toledo, Ohio
“He was a man with tremendous talent. He was a gift to the world. I still cannot believe he is gone. I keep wishing it was not true. I loved the man and his music and will forever. May we never ever forget the man that was Micheal Jackson. His legacy will live on forever.”
–Keitha Lynch-Smith, Barbados
“As a single child, I remember coming back home every summer from boarding school and blasting MJ’s songs on my stereo as soon as my parents left for work and dancing silly around the house. I never felt alone. Thank you, Michael for unforgettable music and your amazing spirit.”
–Bipana, Kathmandu
“There is not a larger music icon as Michael Jackson, nor will there ever be. His life was cut too short by unforeseen events. I only wish he could have performed his last tour in London before this happened. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his fans. I believe he will have the largest funeral when it happens. Although there has been MUCH negative publicity against him in the past decade or so, I want the young generation to look past it and give him and his music the respect it deserves. He has changed the music industry forever by uniting African-American and White music. He deserves for all of the hurt and pain to be left behind and lay to rest the ‘King of Pop’ forever. Goodbye Michael.”
–Jade Autry, Marysville, Penn.
“I have been a fan of his since forever. I remenber when I received Thriller. My uncle got it for me for passing in school. When I heard it, I knew that Michael Jackson was destined for greatness. I can’t believe that he is gone. My heart hurts so. My prayers and condolences go to his family and friends and all of his fans. He will be truly missed.”
–Alishia Armstrong, Madison, Wis.
“In the 20th century, I can’t think of a figure more popular than Micheal Jackson. He was identified and his music was loved by even those who couldn’t understand a word of what he sang.”
–Ahmed Bashir, Lahore, Pakistan
“Michael was a man after my own heart. The man i dream and pray to see one day in my life but sorry, i see it was only a dream that will never come through. May your soul rest in Peace Michael. We love you Michael.”
–David Agbugan, Nigeria
“My name is rob. Im stationed here at camp taji in Iraq. I was really stunned and saddened when I heard of the passing of Michael Jackson. Im 27 and remember him for a lot of his 80’s and other music. Michael Jordan had the commercial about being like mike. Well. When I was growing up I wanted to be like Michael Jackson. He was pleasure to hear his music. He was always putting something out that was good to listen to. Thriller by far is my favorite. He made music for all types of music geres. No matter what happened in his personal life, he was always there for his fans. i used to have the Michael Jackson outfit and had my hair like him back in 1985. Always a fan favorite and always a favorite of mine. Im from Chicago and I must say that I include Michael and his family as far as being from that area. The world has lost a wonderful person and the greatest music entertainer today. He will be truly missed. But he will live on forever in all our hearts. R.I.P. to the GREATEST.”

–Rob Baldwin, Chicago, Ill.

“When I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated by Michael Jackson. I don’t know if it was his dance moves or his sensational music. I don’t think he received enough credit while he was alive. He was definately a trendsetter. The world of music will never be the same. I will miss him forever.”
–Alesha G. Flora, Miss.
“i would like to say michael jackson was 1 of the best musicians of my life time in my short 26 years and i’m sure there will never be another like him. god bless and god be with your family during this trying time. i’ve had my own shares of public humiliation and if MJ can pull thru, so can i. thank you for showing us all we too can make it if we stick in there and that there is a bright side to the darkness.”
–Bing, Alaska
“Unarguably the greatest artist of all time. the man made people move. the man made sense! rest in peace. physically dead, ALIVE FOREVER. Jacko immortal, Jacko Forever! His death shall bring him to life.”
–Kathan Patel, Toronto, ON, Canada
“Michael and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. It is very unbelievable to think he won’t be performing any longer. I’ve been a fan for nearly 40 years, and now my son began enjoying Michael’s music too. He’s even learned to moonwalk. We are just very saddened by the news. In their thirst to make money, the media-paparazzi really seriously can hurt people; you would think they would learn to back off from people before hurting lives that way. The world has lost a musical genius as well as a great human being. Thank you, Michael, for all you gave to us…fly with the angels and may your spirit always stay with your family.”
–B. Peffer, Pittsburgh, Penn.
“Michael, your music will always be in our hearts, I know ‘Where there is love, you are there’. Your songs relay the messages straight from your heart and these reflect through your actions…sometimes they are just misinterpreted and it is difficult to believe anything negative about you. It is heavy at heart to accept that a world icon has departed. May you R.I.P. Michael, thank you for the memories. You will always be in our hearts and part of our lives. We love you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.”
–Robert Caoile, Manila, Philippines – South San Francisco, Calif.
“You will always be remembered as the man who defined multiple generations across the globe…Will miss you.”
–Amanda Ting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“His frail human body and mind finally surrendered to the heavenly gifts (talents, fame & fortune) that so few ever receive. I will always remember him as a beautiful soul who lost his way and never could reconcile with the world. I was very fortunate to be among the masses to have seen him live in his ‘Dangerous’ tour. Let’s remember all the good and joy he brought during his time, with his music, performances and generosity across the world. Rest in Peace Michael.”
–Wiwid, Indonesia
“God bless you Mike and your family. May you have eternal happiness were you surely are now. Ill never forget the memories you have created for me and my family. I only wish I could have met you or seen one of your shows live.  Please forgive the ill minded people that tried to interfer with your life…they know not what they do. You were always better than that and it showed in your character. Take care good friend and rest in peace.”
–Ray and Lana Elder, Harrison Township, Mich.
“Michael Jackson will truly be missed in my heart! I grew up listening to his music and following his career. The music world wouldn’t be the way it is today if it wasn’t for him! God bless you and you are now in heaven looking down on all of us. He is our guardian angel. No one will ever forget him, and I cannot beleive you are really gone. I love you michael!”
–Kristina, Santa Barbara, Calif.
“My friend and I saw him at the original MGM in Las Vegas when I was 19 about 35 years ago. In the showroom that night all the old people took off when ‘The Jackson 5’ came on and the rest of us stood up, danced, yelled and sang ABC…He was awesome then as now. I am a huge fan. My heart goes out to his children, family, friends and fans. When I heard of his death I lit a candle, blasted his music video and cried. So sad…Rest In Peace My Man YOU ARE THE KING OF POP and I will always remember you!”
–Wendy N. in Orlando, Fla.
“May the Jackson family have peace and blessings during this tragic time…My love goes out to the family, the true fans, and to Michael Jackson…May Michael Jackson live in peace and my god rest his soul…also my belief is that Michael has not left our lives…he is still alive as long as we all keep his music going…he was a big inspiration to everyone…especially for me 🙁 Michael is still alive inside our hearts…all we have to do is feel him and his music beats…I will miss you Michael…May god bless you…love you…”
–Tejal S., Brownstown, Mich.
“I have always been a big fan of Michael Jackson and regardless of what anyone said he did or supposedly did it never changed my feelings for him. I still have a picture of him in my photo album that I received when I signed up to be a member of his fan club and I pull it out and look at it every now and then. I send my deepest heartfelt condolences to his family, especially his children and I pray that his soul is now at rest and peace. I grew up with Michael and I will always be a big fan, sometimes it felt as if he were a part of my family and I will miss him so much. God Rest Your Soul, Michael. I love you now and forever.”
–Gwen Scott, Mansfield, La.
“We grew up on his songs, let it be Jackson 5, Christmas albums or solo hits. The world is yet to realize how much a person she has lost forever. May God bless his family and may his legend continue. Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.”
–Gilbert AL Francis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Sadness is no longer a word. My prayers for Michael was for him to have his comeback, and for people to realize that he did not hurt children. Instead, he embraced their non-judgmental attitudes and felt the most comfortable with them. Sadly, a few saw it as an opportunity for financial gain, without any regard to what he gave their children. Now, their children are scared, but not by Michael. Rest in peace, Michael. You’re bigger than Elvis.”
–Joey, Brooklyn, N.Y.
“I am so sad to hear of Michael;s death. I grew up listening to his music and he was such an icon. I feel bad that he died just when he was planning a big tour schedule. I am sure the concerts would have been amazing. He blessed us with entertainement for all those years. May he rest in peace.”
–Kimberly, Eastpointe, Mich.
“Mike was an inspiration to us all and will be sadly missed. I thought alot of him and he inspired my stage performances also!! Goodbye Michael Joseph Jackson , May the lord Bless You and Keep You !!”
–Joe Jackson, Tipton, Ind.
“I loved Michael Jackson when I was in high school, but he had been a prominent figure throughout my life before then. I remember standing in front of the TV with a videotape of his MTV VMA’s performance and trying to copy his dance moves–and I openly and proudly credit him with teaching me how to dance. It’s been a very bad week for us all–too many people have died this week, and this is certainly the biggest death of the year, if not the decade, or even the century. I’m not all that surprised that he died, given the circumstances and his tendency to overwork his body while rehearsing, but I am very saddened. I only hope his children can cope with this loss–no one deserves to lose his or her father, especially not at such a young age as his children are. Rest in peace, Michael. You will most certainly be missed.”
–Cyndi S. Crawford, Atlanta, Ga.
“Rest and Peace Michael! Hopefully, you already found the most precious peaceful place that most good soul ever wishing for. Im not your diehard fan, but, I love all your music and dance moves. Everytime you’re guesting on TV Show, I dropped whatever Im doing just to watch you until the shows is done. I will missed you so much. Our happynest is always in Gods well. Goodbye.”
–Adelfa Clamucha, Philippines
“I cannot recall a time when Michael Jackson was not in my life. I have been sitting here watching the news and I am still in total disbelief. I will always love Michael Jackson. Whenever I heard his music, I knew he was a genius. He will always be the King of Pop. No one will ever take your place Michael. I love you and one day I hope I will see you again. Much love and sympathies to the Jackson family and the millions of fans all over the world. Our King went to meet up with The King. Michael Jackson 4Ever.”
–Micheline de Rothschild, New York City, N.Y.
“I remember coming home from school on 80`s, I was about 8 years old. First thing I did at home was that I put on the Thriller tape and practiced a bit moonwalk…And nowdays, when I feel a bit sad, the Jackson 5 always helped to make my day bright! But today it makes me sad.. Cant belive you are not there anymore! I´m happy that I saw you live in Estonia 1997! Thou my moonwalk never came out like yours, I try it today again, for your memory! I think many people do! Thank you for all and rest in peace!”
–Aale Rosenstrauch, Tallinn, Estonia
“Every human have limited life on this earth but some peoples live himself forever by his character & Michael Jackson one of them. Only few people in this world who reach highest level of fame by his great effort & you can count on your fingertip that kind of peoples & you will be find Michael Jackson hopefully top of the list. His POP style live forever in every corner of this world when somebody perform POP music. May GOD shower his countless blessing on his soul.”
–Aatif Javeed, Faisalabad, Pakistan
“I went to Michael’s concerts here, in Bucharest in 1992 and 1996, I was fascinated by him at the time. In the recent years, the magic had passed but I still went in shops and searched for every album of his – he had a rhythm, lines, musical notes, message that will never be forgotten. I do not like empty music like the one today (house, electronic..), I like to hear the piano, the guitar, the trumpet..and in some songs of Michael’s the instruments and words mingled in an extraordinary piece of musical art. I hope that his children will never forget their father and will have a family and friends around them, I am sending my eternal regrets to his family, to all his friends, to all his fans, to all people who appreciated him all over the world. More than that, I would like to add that I have never believed that crap with the pedofile accusations, I just think that people wanted to take advantage of him, of his fame, of his money; here in Romania people are clever and experienced and do not believe all the gossip that appears in the press, my father was in the US in the 80′ s and the same thing happened when he wanted to take a baby in his arms, they told him not to do that because they would say he was a pedofile, when he just wanted to admire and try to talk to the little one. So, as a final idea, I hope that Michael’s soul knows that he will be missed by all the people who love and appreciate good music! God rest him in Peace!”
–Adriana, Bucharest, Romania
“You have been my hero since the age of 10. You have been my inspiration and will forever continue to be so. Thank you for everything. You will forever be the King of Pop. RIP.”
–Bala, New York, N.Y.
“MJ you will be missed. Eventhough you are 8 years older than me, you will be missed. I have been a fan since I don’t know when. I remember when I bought my first red jacket, the gloves and shoes, even my jerry curl. No matter what people say or have said about you, you are one in a million my brother. LOVE YOU MICHEAL!”
–Arthur E. McBeath, Virginia
“You will forever and always live on in the hearts of the millions you touched! You were the legend of all legends and you will truly be missed. Your songs were the first I ever knew as a little girl and you have continued to be the greatest muscian known to man. May you now rest in peace without the scrutiny and pain that many in society placed upon you! We will love you always, Michael!”
–La Nise, Spartanburg SC
“I was so shocked by this. I grew up with the fact that Michael was the greatest. I’m 15 – got the albums, posters – leather jackets! I’ve learned the dance moves man. You just can’t get away from him and his influence. He made people live, dance, and sing. All across the world people danced to a voice and a power that moved them beyond words. Yanno what I love about this – watch everyone. Watch them dancing and singing and becoming so filled with life when they think of him and play his music in tribute. The priviledge of immortality will let him continue to move the world. Thanks michael. You strove for perfection and damn boy you did good, we all saw you as perfect, no matter what anyone said about you I just hope that you know that the entire world cried last night when they knew there’d be another angel in heaven.”
–Nicole Warnke, Houston, Texas
“My condolences to the Jackson family for their loss! You are in our prayers! I didn’t grow up to Michael’s music, but loved every beat, hum and shout, that he gave whether performing live or just giving you a TASTE of  the ‘King of Pop’. He will greatly be missed and will be forever in our hearts. ‘YOU GOT TO FEEL THAT HEAT AND WE CAN RIDE THE BOOGIE, SHARE THAT BEAT OF LOVEEEE!  We are rocking with you Michael!”
–L. Anderson, Washington, DC”Being a 60’s child I feel like we have grown up together throughout these years. I remember seeing him perform on tv as a young boy, listening and singing to the songs and watching him dance. He was just so amazing and creative with his performances and videos. I have never got a chance to see a live performance but he still captured my heart. I admired this man because despite his life long detractors he proved that it doesn’t matter your background or financial status, if you want it you can achieve greatness and he was just that GREATNESS. And he has truly achieve such greatness throughout theses years with hit after hit from the Jackson 5, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and lets not forget the infamous Motown era. He will always and forever be the “KING OF POP.” To the Jackson family, know that God will keep them secure and he has Michael in his hands now letting him rest from his long journey here on Earth and that he now has the peace he sought for so long. R.I.P Michael. Also R.I.P. Farrah.”
–Angie, Washington D.C.

“I just can’t believe Michael Jackson is gone. I just can’t believe it. I grew up listening to his music. He was and still is my all time FAVORITE artist. I am just so saddened by this. May prayers go out to his family.  He will be GREATLY missed.”
–Nicole Matyas, Lorain, Ohio
“I remember growing up listening to his music and being so fascinated that someone could have that much talent. I am an 80’s child, so I was blessed with seeing many iconic moments of his life: the Motown 25 Special, the release of Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and Invincible. Yes, I had the curls, glove, and the Thriller jacket growing up. My sister was a HUGE fan and we will miss him very much. I admired this man tremendously, because despite his detractors, he PROVED that it doesn’t matter your background or financial status, if you want it, you can achieve greatness. May the Jackson family know that God will keep them secure and may Michael have the peace he sought for so long.”
–Le Beau, Normal, Ill.
“Blessings and condolences to the Jackson family. I agree with everyone…  the media circus is over and Michael is able to rest, finally in peace. May the true love in your heart live forever. Thank you for the incredible music that we will always remember. In my workplace, we’ve been singing along with the radio today, ever since the sad news broke. We were remembering the first time we saw the ‘Billie Jean’ video on MTV. I remember thinking, how does he get the cement to light up like that?! You are missed, Michael.”
–Jennifer Mueller, Las Vegas, Nev.
“Such a GREAT GREAT loss in the music industry. I practically grew up with his music!”
–Maidi Asuncion, Manila, Philippines
“I have many memories of watching Michael Jackson when I was younger, I have always admired him and continue to do so today. Regardless of what has been said about him, I have never believed that he would ever hurt anyone, especially children. I pray for his soul and his family at this time. This is a very sad moment, I wish it was’nt happening. God Bless you Michael Jackson, I pray that you are in his presence right now, be at peace, and the world still loves you. God Bless the family of Micheal Jackson and I pray for you to have God’s peace. He was truly a talented man and a blessing to this world. I believe God felt that he had been through enough heartache down here and he took him to his rest, REST IN PEACE with JESUS!!!!! With all my love…”
–Andrea, Lakewood, Ohio
“I was only 10 at the time, but I remember seeing Michael Jackson in concert at the United We Stand concert in DC after 9/11. Still one of the most memorable acts I’ve ever seen. Rest in peace!”
–Keri B, College Station, Texas
“I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson since I can remember. I am his loyal fan and still remain a loyal fan no matter what he has been through. His sudden demise is a great shock to me but I pray for him and his family. We miss you Michael. May your legend prevails.”
–Joe Miceli, Dallas, Texas
“Born in 1972, I grew up with MIchael’s music, everyone did regardless of who tried to denied it in the 90s. My kids today, know his music from his thirller 25 years cd that i have stored in the car, they have his best video cd’s. Regardless of the truth of events, the truth is that the world has missed his shine and talent for many years, shadowed by the hypocrites and a judicial system that allows heroes to rise and fall faster than any empire, I am saddened to know that he left this world without knowing the power of love from the millions that weep him today. Even more so by the stream of gossip and tarnish that will come from his death. Michael Jackson the man has died today of heart failure, but he will live on forever in the hearts of millions, if one heart could not carry the burden then amongst those loving him, it shall be overcome.”
–Monica Flores, Monterrey Mexico
“Michael Jackson was the first person I ever wanted to marry, I still have home movies of me dancing around my living room with my Thriller record. I feel that we lost an amazing artist today… Michael went through alot of trials and tribulations in his life. He was forced to be in the spotlight at a very young age, and gave up his childhood in the process. By giving up a part of HIS life, he graced the world with some of the best music ever written. Twenty five years after hearing his music, I still love it as much now as I ever did then. My heart goes out to the whole world and most importantly, his family. Despite all the media hype, I still love Michael Jackson and I always will.”
–Laura F., Essex Junction, Vt.
“He is such a good performer. It is such a lost to us as his fans. But hope that he can live well over there at his new place. May Allah bless him. Amin.”
–Nur Nasriq Aini Binti Samsudin, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
–LeJerrica, Louisiana
“WOW…What more can be said. He was truly an inspiration and a force to be reckon with. No one will ever be able to replace this talent. A true gift from above. I thank you Michael for all of the memories. I am only 33 and he has always been a part of my life, and now my children’s. An icon for years to come, thank you for your presence…REST IN PEACE SIR.”
–Sakara, Chicago, Ill.
“I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Michael Jackson’s untimely death. I’ve always loved his music and believe him to be the most talented artist in history. This is a true loss to fans all across the globe. Michael is an icon and will always be remembered for being a little strange but his talent surpassed his quirks. Rest in peace sweet Michael.”
–Angela, Arlington, Texas
“The death of Michael Jackson has got to be the saddest thing to have happened since the passing of Bernie Mac. I can say those two names in the same sentence because Bernie was a King of Comedy and Michael was the King of Pop. I grew up on Michael Jackson, loved him with the Jackson Five and loved him on his own. Personal life aside, as most go overboard on that, Michael was an amazing performer and an inspirational writer. His music was just awesome.  He did break down barriers. His moon walk will be enbedded in hearts forever. What a sad and tragic end to a wonderful human. Rest in Peace King of Pop. You are loved every day and will be missed forever.”
–Shannon, Lawton, Okla.
“When I heard the news of The King Of Pop died sadness just overwhelmed me. There has never been an artist who had it all: vocals, moves, and on stage persona like the King. I am praying for his family and hope God has a wonderful place for him in Heaven. Michael you will be surely missed.”
–Heidi, Austin, Texas
“All my condolences to his family members and Micheal, we will always love you and will remember you! you made the music a living thing on this whole planet. your talents are non-measurable!”
–Tsering lhamo, Brussels, Belgium
“May Michael finally find the peace that he was never able to have while living. He was by far one of the greatest entertainers of all time. My prayers go out to his family. He is in God’s care now. Bless you.”
— Judy, Kentucky
“This has got to be one of the saddest days in music history!! I grew up with his songs… His song touches everyone in the world… He will be in our memory forever…”
–Timmy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Though i never get to hear much of his music, shows and concert due to my age. the way i hear people talk about him really made me convinced how great he is. He became an inspiration to lots of us especially during the 80’s where most region across the globe are suffering, he became an icon of bliss and love. And for us generation who unfortunately missed the most of his career, he will still remain one of the biggest star of the entertainment industry.”
–Ace De Vera, Manila Philippines
“Michael Jackson was the greatest. I was looking forward to his comeback concert. His work in the music industry will never be surpassed. He will be missed. I pray for his family’s strength in this trying time. I loved Michael Jackson since I was a child. His posters covered my walls. I am sad but I had great memories.”
–Loretha Lott, Chicago, Ill.
–Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Perez & Family, Iowa
“I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the King Of Pop died. I was stunned. He was a great performer. Through the good and bad times I stuck by Michael. He was the best performer of my times. I loved him and always will.  R.I.P. Michael. You are always going to be the Greatest in my eyes.”
–Tonya, Morrisville, Vt.
“What can I say I am totally still in shock!! I grew up with Michael Jackson I had Michael and his brothers on wall as a your teenager. I played his Off the Wall album so much my family was ready to either get rid of me or the album. He will be missed, I am just in shock. Rest in peace Michael, I Love You!”
–Michelle, Wyandanch, N.Y.
“Today is a sad day not just for the entertainment biz but for all of us who grow-up with the jackson Family, from watching them preform as the jackson 5, to watching there sisters preform as well ruby with her hit centerpied, latoya preforming with micheal in some of his videos, to janet, on good times and then staying close on big brother micheal’s heels as a pop performer in her own right, Micheal was like a brother to all of us we shared his up’ and down’s and we never left his side. Till this day his influrence in music can never be duplicated, The endless charities he’s started and gave to, in order to heal the world as he would say brought out the best in all of us. To his children, his family, his close friends, and most of all the fans around the world who lives you have touched, we love you and we will miss you but we never will forget you and all you done to make the planet a better place for all mankind we love you micheal rest in peace.”
–Percy Mcpeters, Blue Mtn, Miss.
“I loved his songs and music, his persona, his charisma, his dance moves. He was a performer who had everything. This is a sad day in the pop world and in the whole world. He was put on this earth to entertain and love. No one could ever reach the height of popularity that he reached. When I heard the news, I was shocked and heartbroken. A sad time and a loss for all of us…No matter what your history is – you were always a pop icon and entertainer – thank you for the memories. I would like to give condolenses to the family and friends. May God bless his family and may his legend continue. Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.”
–Hariamala Kesavan, Malaysia
“I am saddened by the loss of this music legend. Even during his troubled life-events, I remained a loyal fan of his victorious talent and only hoped the circumstances were of faulted misunderstandings. My family and I spent many years on holidays playing the songs of his very early music. His gentle nature was an enormous attribute while his spirit and energy embellished mankind. My thoughts and prayers for his family and close friends. They have lost an icon, a sweet soul and a world-class entertainer.”
–Julie Romain, New Orleans, La.
“Michael has always been and will always be the big LOVE of my life. He should always be remembered for the things he has given to us, his music, his passion, his love. Today, the world should acknowledge what a great person he is and not what he is thought to be. I love you Michael, forever and ever. My biggest condolences to Michael’s family and to us, his ever adoring fans. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!! RIP”
–Izadora Mustaffa, Malaysia
“When my mom was pregnant with me, she would play Michael Jackson in the tape player and place the headphones on her belly so that I could listen. I grew up loving him. He had an unbelievable impact in the music industry, and was an amazing performer. I remained a devoted fan through all of his troubles, and no matter what will forever be a fan. He will live on through his music; and taken so suddenly, he will be missed! My condolences go out to his family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful memories! R.I.P.”
–Jessica Meeker, Dallas, Texas
“I’ve been a long time fan of Michael’s from the age of 5 to being 30 now. I’m speechless at his death and my heart is deeply saddened by what has happened. Rest in Peace Michael…We will miss you terribly!”
–Danielle MacLennan, Attleboro, Mass.
“I am in utter shock! I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, he is an icon whom regardless of what people accused him of, or thought he did, or didn’t do will truly be missed. Music lost a piece of it’s heart today and so did millions of fans around the world! My heart goes out to his family and friends! May he finally be able to rest in peace.”
–Christina, Abilene, Texas”Death is always a hard thing to deal with, but more especially so when it is someone like the King of Pop. I was just recently watching The American Dream on VH1, and I find out this horrible news today. It was very unexpected, and sad to see someone loved as much as Michael cut down so early. Being from Motown, I grew up listening to all of his hits from the Jackson 5 to his many solo albums. He may very well had been the greatest entertainer ever, and it will be a long time before someone could provide the same caliber of work that Michael so often graced us with. He has made one of the biggest contributions to modern music, and is sampled in every genre. To his family, I send my condolensces for their loss. However, he is not gone for he will live forever through his music and in the heart of his fans. R.I.P. Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett”
–Angelo Jenkins, Detroit, Mich.

“I really loved his songs. Rest in peace.”
–Anna P., Chicago, Ill.
“Through the massive charity project of ‘We are the World’, Michael helped save uncounted lives. Saving even one life is like saving an entire world! May his tremendous good deed clear his soul of any traces negativity, and may he rest in perfect peace. May we forgive him, and may he forgive us!”
Matthew, New York, N.Y.
“I find this so strange that in one year we have gained the first black president and now we lose one of our great black icons of the music world. A very sad day indeed. I did not understand his need to be close to young boys like that and hoped and still do that there was nothing sexual in it.
Yes he was strange but for some reason genius and eccentricity seem to go hand in hand. But when it comes to being an entertainer WoW He has no equal. Only he could simply walk onto a stage and people just went wild. Very sorry indeed.”
–Terry Best, Barbados
“Micheal Jackson was the king of pop. He was to many of us like princess Di was to many people. he was a very good entatainer. We have always loved his music. He could bring joy to you through his music. we will remember the man that he was, not the lies that was told of him. we give his family our prayers.”
–Kevin and Melvina Hutton, Airville, Penn.
“Rip michael. You will be missed.”
–Connie Norman, Indiana
“I lived in Texas as a boy, and thought Michael Jackson was a ‘black’ artist. Around fourth grade, I started actually hearing some of his music, and realized: this was good stuff! Michael opened my eyes to a world of entertainment that I would have otherwise missed as a ignorant young white kid. Thanks to him, I was able to later enjoy other musicians like Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, even Run D.M.C. Thanks Michael. Goodbye – you will be missed.”
–Andy R, Washington DC
“When I was a kid, He was very popular in our remote village in India. At that time, we didn’t even know who the American president was but we knew Michael Jackson. We enjoyed his music so much even without understanding the meaning of a single word. That was the power of his music. I am very sad.”
–Blesson George, Pathanapuram, India
“He gave so much…and got so little…; money doesn’t heal hurt.”
–Terry Ann Fortuin, Garfield, Kan.
“I remember being a kid when I first heard his song ‘Black or White’ on TV. Yeah, I first saw him on TV, not the radio. I thought he was THE best I’ve ever seen. He had the moves, the voice, the charisma — and his songs, they’re all so unique and gets me on my feet! I loved his songs that have inspirational messages like ‘Heal the World’ and ‘You are Not Alone’. Our (middle) school band played his song ‘Heal the World’ when I was 11 years old and my late grandma saw me perform. It was wonderful. This is my tribute to the late King of the Pops because he (or at least his songs) had been a part of my life as I was growing up. Now I am in my mid 20s. Rest in peace and may the Lord have mercy on your soul.”
–Audrey J Ansibin, KK, Malaysia
“One of the greatest musicians to walk the earth. To think he almost wasn’t part of the Jackson 5! R.I.P. Gloved One … Time for the King of Pop and The King of Rock and Roll to sing together for all eternity … can’t get tickets for that show anywhere!”
–Greg, Trinidad and Tobago
“I just hope the children are being cared for at this time. I am very shocked and saddened by the death of Michael Jackson. I have and always will believe he was innocent of the crimes he was accused of and I believe it took its toll on him. I can say that my daughter and I will light a candle for him and his family. RIP-King of Pop.”
–Angel from St. Louis, Mo.
“I may be a 90s kid, but Michael Jackson’s my favourite in a class where everyone listens to Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys. I woke up this morning to hear that one of the greatest music icons is dead. I may not have cried…yet but I feel full of regret that he will never be able to get up on that stage one last time to show us again why he is the greatest performer ever!!!”
–Kyle Tot, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Michael you were the best entertainer I have ever known. You have been number one since I first heard your music when I was 8. You will be greatly missed by my ears and heart. May your great music live on forever in our hearts. Bye Moonwalker.”
–Eric Foiles, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
“i was thinking, it’s a dream, but now i wake up seen it real. Pop music has gone. May He Soul Rest in Peaceeeeeeeeeeeee.”
–Yusuff Animashaun, Abuja, Nigeria
“I may only be 24 years old but micheal jacksons music has been with me my whole life. I have followed his career and respect the man like no other in the buisness. We have truly lost a great artist today. Micheal Jackson’s impact on the world will forever be remembered. Rest In peace Micheal and just know that your fans will always love you!”
–Brenda Gonet, San Diego, Calif.
“As a 38-year old African-American man, Michael Jackson has been a part of my life all of my life. As long as I have been alive, there has been Michael Jackson. Listening to Jackson 5ive 45’s on my Fisher Price record player as a preschooler; watching the cartoon and variety show on TV, and trying my best to do the robot like him during the break to “Dancing Machine;” learning and singing “Destiny,” “Off The Wall” and “Triumph” note for note in their entirety throughout elementary school; memorizing all the steps to “Beat It” and “Thriller” (and coveting the jackets) in middle school; still enjoying him as he got stranger and less relevant on “Bad” and “Dangerous” through high school and college; snapping and singing along to “Butterflies” with my wife and kids. No matter what his personal life became, his legacy is intact: one of, if not the single greatest entertainer the world has known. Our prayers are with the family, but our condolences are to ourselves as well, for we have all suffered a great loss. Rest in peace, Michael.”
–DeNon, Los Angeles, Calif.
“Say what you will about Michael Jackson, but there is no question he influenced an entire generation (and then some) in his styles of music and fashion. He was an entire culture unto himself. No matter what, he will always be an icon, like Elvis, Marilyn, Mozart, Shakespeare, and even Socrates. May your spirit and soul find peace and release, Mr. Jackson. I also mightily hope his children will cope well with this, and hope for them ‘normal’ lives outside the spotlight and legacy their father has left behind.”
–Jessica Seda-Ruiz, Phoenix, Ariz.
“MJ was my favourite entertainer throughout the 80s and early 90s. Thank you for being a part of my teenage years, for brightening my days with your music and most importantly for teaching me that there is no black or white. May you rest in peace. God Bless.”
–Juliana T, Perth, Western Australia
“I’m devastated. I don’t want to believe it. Michael was my first superstar crush back in the 1980s. I… i am at a loss for words… God be with his family and may his soul find its way to eternal life.”
–Ester, Odessa, Texas
“I grew up as a little girl in the 1980’s listening to and LOVING Michael Jackson’s music and watching his videos. His works were among the first works that both my parents, my little brother and I ALL loved listening to and watching together. Despite everything he went through over the years, I still remained a loyal fangirl of MJ’s music, and I STILL love it. I only regret never being able to afford to attend any of his concerts, even though I DID watch them on tv whenever I could. I still remember when I was a little girl, my brother and I recorded our own little fan video of Thriller, with the two of us singing along to MJ, my brother donning a cape and werewolf mask for Vincent Price’s speaking parts, and me dancing around in the background. Michael will be greatly missed!”
–Debra Rohlfs, Stanhope, N.J.
“RIP Michael Jackson…my husband and I are so shocked by your death. I loved your music and I feel like a member of my family has died. You are missed Michael, be at peace.”
–Ty & Shaun Hanley, Tiffin, Ohio
“Michael wasn’t only musically gifted he could perform also I loved watching him dance. Thriller was the first album I ever bought I was 11 years old I played it so much I wore it out. Michael will truly be missed. Rest in piece King Of Pop.”
–Kristen, Pittsburgh, Penn.
“Just about every kid that grew up in the 80’s loved Michael. We dressed like him, stayed up late to watch his videos, and knew every word to every song on the Thriller album. As cliche as it may sound, he WAS the Elvis of our generation. Regardless of the odd events of the last 10 years, he will be greatly missed for his talent and effect on our lives”
–Amy, Austin, Texas
“I am very sad about Michael Jackson’s sudden death. I am one of his fan’s and I was also born on Aug 29. With Love and Prayers.”
–Lal Sebastian Vellapallil, Santa Ana, Calif.
“I remember my teenage life before and after michael jackson, thriller and billy jean were important in my personal life and he inspired me to become a better person, from a confused teenager to become a successful commodities trader, which keeps an old t shirt of michael since the 80´s, i love you michael god bless you i am deeply sad i am crying now.”
–C.P. Blanca Arizpe Cianca, Mexico
“I never got a chance to meet Micheal in person but I am a huge fan. I always wished he would come to Jamaica and do a show, coz I’d pay anything just to see n hear him. I love his music so much especially the song ‘hold me’ when he came down as an angel. I was so shocked when I learnt of his death. My condolence to his family; he will always be remembered as the world greatest ever pop star and will be sadly missed.”
–Sheryleen, Portland, Jamaica
” My heart goes out to the family of Michael… I grew up with listening to his music. Again a heat felt, sorry for your loss, goes out to his remaining family… Michael, you will be missed, but your music will live on, in our hearts and soul. If I could say one thing to you, it would be thank you…. For the laughs, love, music, dancing and memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life… You will be sadly missed… Good bye my friend…”
–Mike, Weare, N.H.
“i can hardly believe Michael is gone it reminds me of the time when Elvis Presley died and now Michael can rest in peace now and forever i love you and i will see you again one day… you are truly an angel and great love you and my love goes out to his family.”
–Rachel Hubbell, Jacksonville, Fla.
” At 9 years old Michael Jackson had a voice larger than life. A voice that seemed to be singing only to me through songs like ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘I Want You Back’. He entertained like no other could and was for sure ‘second to none’. I raised my sons on his music, we are true MJ fans and will miss Michael very much…our heartfelt condolences are sent to his children and his family. My son received a text message on his way from work-he called me, ‘momma, Michael Jackson is dead’…we held the phone in silence, unable or unwilling to absorb what that meant. The world lost today.”
–Otha Farley, Stockton, Calif.
–Laura Bennett, Charlotte, N.C.
“I am 52 years old, so when Michael was a child star, I was crazy about him! I thought he was just so cute! And so talented. I’ll never forget seeing his moonwalk for the first time when it debuted on tv. Everyone was mesmerized by it! Michael was such an amazing performer. Along with his fortune and fame, he had his share of troubles and pain. I was sorry to see it. I wish him well and hope he finds peace on his journey.”
–Patty Dowling, Castle Rock, Wash.
“He was ‘the Thing’ when I was little. I remember believing, when I was still young enough to think that the world was no bigger than the town I lived in, that he lived in this big beautiful house on the corner of a downtown street (in Marion, OH). Every time I would pass it I would think, ‘there’s Michael Jackson’s house- I really wish I could see him!’ I loved his music and his image. I just can not believe that he is really gone. It feels like he is the Elvis Presley of my time…such a huge presence suddenly gone from a life that began at a time when the name Michael Jackson was already a household name, and he was rocking the world. His life may have been shrouded in controversy, but there is not doubt that the world would never have been the same without him. He was an amazing influence, an incredible presence, a leader, and a star. Michael, you will be missed. R.I.P Love.”
–Freya Holloway Sexton, Evening Shade, Ark.
“I really like watching how Michael Jackson moves and sings. He was a real born POP STAR. He will surely be missed all through out the world. He was a legend. RIP.”
–Agnes, Papua New Guinea
“Michael Jackson was a wonderful entertainer and a great talent. May God give him now the peace he had such a hard time finding in life.”
–Sheila Michael, Sandwich, Ill.
“I will truly miss Michael. I will always love him. He was such a pop sensation. ‘The King of Pop’. I never believed what bad things people said about him. I think people was just after his money. I loved him when I was little and always wanted to dress like him. I had my Michael Jackson shirts, shoes, hat and the famous white glove. His music and videos are the best! I wanted to go see one of his concerts in his summer tour. Goodness, Its hard to believe he is gone. He will never ever be forgotten though. My prayers are with his family and those closest to him. May God Bless them. RIP sweet Michael.”
–Gwendolyn Dunn-Gardner, Johnson City, Tenn.
–Barbara Cortez, Laredo, Texas
“A living legend gone forever. Michael Jackson will still live in our hearts forever. My bf, Suresh has his glove, that was presented by MJ himself when he was on his world tour. We look at it now with tears in our eyes but we are gifted to have his momento with us. It’s special and will always be.”
–Suresh and Lavania, Singapore
“I’ve been listening to his song since I was a child…May His Soul Rest In Peace.”
–Hamzah Asyrani, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
“Rest in peace Michael.”
–Sara, Green Bay, Wis.
“Michael you were a great dad who was raising three great kids. I will never forget the three months I worked for you in Las Vegas. Especially the one on one talk you had with me at the Wynn Resort Villas, while you were waiting to visit Steve Wynn. Escorting your kids to their teachers room was also a valued experience. All three are so polite and well educated. The are so well-behaved even at the show at the Luxor we attended. Admitting I was never one of your fans until I got to know you while you stayed at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for three months. Thanks for the memories that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my friend. Thank you for everything.”
–Lanny L. Lamb, Las Vegas Nev.
“He’s transcended us now. He’s with the ages and will live forever in our memories and the history of our time.”
–Chris Peterson, Palos Verdes, Calif.
“I’ve always felt a connection to Michael and his music. I can remember getting my first audio cassette tape when I was younger…Dangerous.  I loved that album, and I’ve loved just about everything Michael ever did. He was an innovator and a master performer, and his music always touched me.  It was so dynamic. He’s always been my favorite artist, and I’m extremely saddened that I’ll never see him perform live…but I celebrate his life and all of his accomplishments, and the joy and entertainment he brought to my own life.  I’ll always remember him.”
–Nicole Elizabeth Ryker, Greenwood, Ind.
“To the Family of Michael Jackson we from Kansas City send our condolences and our prayers to you for your loss of one the world’s greatest icons in American History. Today is a day the angels have payed a visit to the world and have received a great man. A man who has touched the whole world, who has brought many races together in life and even on this sad day. He was truly a blessing to us all and may God bless his family, his children, and his fans all across the country. Just remember ‘You are not alone.'”
–The Graham Family, Kansas City, Mo.
“I will never forget the day Michael Jackson stole my heart as a child into adult life and regardless of the personal allegations surrounding his life; he was and will always be remembered as the King of Pop — a true legend. My heart is heavy; I am brokenhearted, short of words.  Let us all remember him as the phenomenal performer he was and how he strived to changed the world by reaching one person at a time with his music. People talk about the fact that Michael was going to make a comeback but in my eyes, he never left. He is gone but not forgotten and may he be able to finally rest and in peace.  A true legend, so very tragic. My condolences and prayers for his family, friends and fans all over the world.”
–Millie, Kissimmee, Fla.
“My first memory of Michael Jackson was a video tape my mother bought that had a compilation of concerts, songs and even the videos of Micheal. My sisters and I watched that video over and over almost everyday. I laugh just thinking about how much we looked forward to seeing him perform and sing. It is so heartbreaking to realize now that he is gone. I wish the best to his family, friends and fellow fans. He was a legend. Like Elvis and Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson is a musical icon and he will never be forgotten.”
–Kerrian M., Atlanta, Georgia
“May He Rest In Peace I am olny 20 years young but Micheal Jackson has been in my life as long as i can remember i feel like an emptyness inside i mean everyone know all the scandels that happened with him but still everyone loved and still loves him will never forget MJ Now lets all have a moment of silence for that the King of Pop has laid to rest. Rip Micheal Jackson. May Your Soul Dance Its Way To Heaven As We All Know It Will…”
–Michelle Sanchez, Riverside, Calif.
“I have listened to Michael’s music for as long as I can remember and I am 43 yrs old. I am very saddened by his untimely death. He had too many fans to even begin to count. He was talked about by so many people who just didn’t understand him. Michael Jackson will live on in many many peoples hearts and memories… YOU will never be forgotten… God be with his children!!”
–Lisa Smith, Walterboro, S.C.
“Stunned is the only word I can think of. When I was in high school, kids teased me and made fun because I was different. I used to imagine what it was like for Michael and looked to his songs and the words in them to help me cope with the bulling and hazing. The one song that forever changed me was ‘Man in the Mirror’. That song really forged a new path in my life. I did what it said I took a look at myself and…Changed. I let me be me and I can never really thank him now. I am one of many who will deeply miss this great man. Let’s hope the world remembers the good that he has done and hopefully respect his children and family in this hour of need. We will miss you Michael.”
–Darrell Thomas, New London, Wis.
“Even through the trials and subsequent downfall of this man, my mother still had respect for him; still a fan after all these years. When I logged into Yahoo.com and glanced at the story on the front page, I couldn’t believe it. The King of Pop–dead? I literally did a double take! The most prominent memory of him was watching Michael dance on escalators (the kind that you see in airports and such) while singing — I had always wondered how someone could handle dancing, moving on those belts on the floor, and singing at the same time. With his and Farrah’s death marks the end of a golden era of the 80s where music moved the soul so profoundly. He will be greatly missed by millions across the world.”
–Kayla Dunkley, Tampa, Fla.
“The first live concert I ever saw was a Jacksons concert in Toronto – 1981 – Maple Leaf Gardens. The show was great, but Michael was pure magic. And the only poster of a music artiste that I ever put up on my bedroom wall was – guess who – Michael Jackson. Say what you will about his lifestyle, but as an entertainer and performer, the man was phenomenal. He was the greatest performer ever, and there will never be another Michael Jackson. His music will live forever, his legacy will live on, and he will never be forgotten.  Rest in peace, Michael, you will never be forgotten, and God bless your family.”
–Patricia, Grenada
“Say whatever you will about Michael Jackson’s behavior over the last 20 years…but for those of us who grew up in the 80’s, MJ will always be a pop God who gave us some of the best songs and videos. I along with many young girls back then, was totally in love with him. We are playing all MJ music at work today. He will be greatly missed!”
–Stacy, Waikoloa, Hawaii

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