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Some Snaps from The Land of Mt. Everest

Nyatapola Temple Kathmandu
Nyatapola Temple Kathmandu

Regarded as the living heaven on earth, this is the country of Mt. Everest, Birth Place of Lord Buddha, Legendary Gurkha solders, culture and tradition that nowhere else in the world exists.

Nepal is good for budget travel, honeymoon seekers, short hiking to climbing one of the hardest and tallest mountain in the world.

Nepalese are poor in wealth but check their smiles on face that does not reflect that they are in poverty, Nepal is remote but check those finest hotels and restaurants you can sleep and dine in almost every corner. Nepal is good for those who seek adventure of a day to months.

Major religion and hundreds of languages are performed and followed side by side without any aggression or trouble since long. Its a total harmony that you can think of.

Nepal is a dreamland for those who love to farm, raise their own corps, it’s landscape speaks the all vibe of natural wonders and climate. welcome to Nepal.

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