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Dharahara also known as Bhimsen Stambha – One of the Iconic man made tower in Kathmandu some 130 Years ago has been vanished by Earthquake, will that monument ever be rebuilt?

13 MAY 2015 Pokhara – After the Major earthquake of 7.8 on 25 April 2015, Some of the ancient structures in Mid Nepal has gone permanently, i was just wondering if those historical monuments ever be rebuild? My countrymen are shattered badly by the loss of life and property, poverty was there in our head now its burden has risen and government of Nepal is limited in their speech not in action.

I was just searching online about the beauty of Nepal and most of the results were these pictures and just collected for the future in my own library. These pictures may have been taken by various people around the world which i have no connection with them and i am not holding the rights of these pictures as well, Please let me know if i have violated your rights by publishing these pictures here.