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Did George Michael Suicide?

02 January 2017 LONDON – There were controversy surround as one of the well known Pop music icon from Britain George Michael may have been suicide himself over dosing the drug.

According to the news reports Singer George Michael had attempted suicide many times, claimed posts from a Twitter account — in the name of his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz – which was later deleted.

A series of tweets appearing on a now-deleted account in the name of Fadi Fawaz, made the claim that Michael’s death could have been a result of yet another suicide attempt, reports mirror.co.uk.

The tweet read: “The only thing George wanted is to die. He tried to kill himself many times and finally he managed.”

The tweets were soon deleted and the account closed. No official confirmation has yet been given.

It is not known if Fawaz’s Twitter account had been hacked as he had used the same account last week to reveal that he found George dead in bed.

Michael was found dead at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. An autopsy on the “Careless whisper” singer has proved “inconclusive” and will require further tests.

Michael is believed to have died of heart failure and to date, any “suspicious” circumstances in his death have been ruled out.

Fawaz also posted a tribute to the singer. A tweet posted on Fawaz’s account said: “I hate you 2016 from the bottom of my heart.”

There are also reports that Michael was in despair when he died because the voice that made him a superstar had been ruined. The pop legend lost 20 per cent of his lung capacity after contracting pneumonia in 2011 and was devastated to find it had reduced his ability to sing.

Michael died on Christmas Day last year. He was 53.