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Amir Khan’s wife’s ‘naked’ selfie that sparked the family feud

19 December 2016 – London – People often failed to co operate with their relation specially if they are so called VIP or someone special in the community. A recent scandal of being cloth-less and posting picture to the social networks of a British model and a wife of British Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan gone viral these days.

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan’s family feud between her wife Faryal Makhdoom Khan and his family has been traced to a particular ‘indecent selfie’ that she took nearly a year back.

This pouting selfie by Amir Khan’s wife sparked a row with his family, who accused her of spreading ‘nude’ pictures of social media, Mail Online said. Faryal Khan, 25, posted the image to thousands of followers in April asking what they thought of her new peroxide silvery blonde hair. But a friend close to Amir’s parents, who have previously slammed his wife for wearing un-Islamic clothes and no headscarf, were unhappy with the amount of flesh on show.

Faryal’s recent revelations on social media about ‘ill-treatment’ from her in-laws have made headlines around the world, where she claimed that her in-laws abused her and wanted to end their marriage, the Daily Mail reported earlier this month.

But why share this with the world now? According to a source, this ‘naked selfie’ was the cause of the big fight in the family. Faryal was accused of posting ‘nude’ or revealing pictures on social media.

In interviews to media outlets in UK and Pakistan, Amir’s father – Sajjad Khan – has spoken of an impending divorce.

‘The writing’s on the wall’.

The millionaire model took to social media to save her marriage to the British boxing star, 30, will be ’till death do us part’.

She has been posting photographs of them from their travels abroad, with captions saying that their marriage is ’till death do us part’.

The couple were married at a £1million wedding three years ago.

Faryal claims that her husband’s siblings have mocked her for looks on social media, saying that she looked like Michael Jackson and called her ‘fake’ and a ‘gold-digger’.

Amir also took to social media to make an emotional plea to his wife and family to end their feud or ‘lose a son and a husband’ – but Faryal insisted she had her husband’s blessing to flout his warning by sharing her side of the story with the media.

In response his furious father Sajjad Khan blasted his daughter-in-law after she opened up on the three-year long family fallout on the TV show This Morning, warning her: ‘The writing’s on the wall.’

Sajjad told MailOnline exclusively:

“She is pushing Amir to the limit with her accusations and I feel very sorry for my son. ‘It’s not fair. While he is out working so hard with his foundation, helping people he doesn’t even know but who are so deprived and he just wants to make them happy, look what his wife’s doing? She’s not picking up the phone calling us to try and make amends. No, with her big ego she’s gone on national TV and stuttering through the interview. It’s crazy. She said it’s with her husband’s blessing but I don’t think so.”

The 25-year-old budding beauty and fashion entrepreneur has compared her three-year feud with her husband’s family to the ordeal suffered by Princess Diana at the hands of the royal family before she died in 1997.


The 25-year-old model and cosmetics entrepreneur has said Amir’s mother Falak was encouraging him to end their marriage after just three years.

Commenting on the ordeal she suffered during her pregnancy, Faryal said:

“I was pregnant and I had my in laws; it was just a mess. Over the years Amir’s brother and sister went on Twitter rants, went on Instagram rants talking about me saying I don’t get along with them, saying I’m very fake, saying I’ve done plastic surgery, calling me Michael Jackson – I was a pregnant woman; reading all that was not really nice.’ Amir Khan’s wife Faryal was called ‘Michael Jackson’ by family Mrs Khan also revealed how problems with Amir’s family began a few months before the wedding when she was banned from seeing him on a surprise visit to Dubai. And she claimed on ITV that Amir’s family ‘stopped talking to me and Amir for absolutely no reason’ and admitted she doubted there will ever be a reconciliation.”

Describing their abuse she said: ‘It really, really hurt me, because when I didn’t work and I used to just stay home I was called a “gold-digger”, I was called “I’m with Amir for his money”.’

Faryal has also revealed that problems with Amir’s family began around six months into her engagement and she realised she ‘wouldn’t be able to fit into the family’.

A few months before the wedding she went to Pakistan to do shopping and chose to make a surprise visit to see Amir who was a few hours away by plane in Dubai. But she was banned from seeing Amir.

The British boxer’s mother has previously slammed his wife for wearing un-Islamic clothes and no headscarf. She said she was considered a ‘bad Muslim’ if she bared any skin and claims she was even cropped out of family photographs.

Faryal slammed her in-laws’ hypocrisy by posting a picture of their other son Haroon Khan lying on a bed naked and claimed he was drunk.

Amir’s emotional appeal to his wife and family- which has been taken down on Facebook – read:

“I apologise for the silly picture and message my wife Faryal put up. Here is me working my ass off helping the less fortunate with charity dinners and my family and wife are just destroying my good name. I didn’t want to get involved in this mess. There is NO reality television show. ‘My parents are my parents and my wife is my wife. Whatever misunderstanding has happened they should keep it private. This is getting to the point where they will lose a son and a husband. ‘Childish behaviour. Both parties need to stop this. I’ve had enough.”

The couple have a young daughter, Lamisah.

Talking to Daily Mail, a source close to the family said:

‘There have been simmering tensions for a long time, their house has turned into a battleground. There have been days on end when she wouldn’t speak to them at all, and they were in the same house. It was over mundane things, she wore a low-cut top to a traditional wedding in Bolton. They were not asking her to wear a burqa but they wanted her to wear a dupatta (traditional Muslim dress). They also got upset at Faryal responding to trolls on social media, they think it looks classless. ‘But there is also huge tension between Amir and Faryal. She has been spending more and more time in America.”

This week it was claimed that Amir could quit Britain and move to New York to keep his wife of three years happy.

The American-Pakistani model was born in Brooklyn and her wealthy parents Shaukat and Zia live in a grand home on Staten Island. Before going into business she graduated from Rutgers University School in New Jersey, majoring in political science and journalism. She was introduced to her British husband through a mutual friend when she was in her early 20s and within a year the couple were engaged. In 2013 they were married.

Amir is one of Britain’s most celebrated sportsmen of recent times, insisted he wanted to keep her out of the spotlight. But the couple’s glamorous life together has been played out in many selfies and videos posted on social media.

Faryal’s instagram account has shown the couple with celebrities including rapper Drake, partying with the star in New York and Abu Dhabi recently.

She has a fashion and make-up range that she models herself, largely in selfies. Her lipstick range under the name Faryal Makhdoom cosmetics is a best-seller. She also has a very large following on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Amir is the son of Pakistani immigrants, born and raised in Bolton.

In an interview with Pakistani news channel Geo News , Sajjad and Falak Khan rubbished Faryal’s allegations, claiming she is ‘lying’ they never laid a hand on her and treated her like their own daughter.

“Faryal was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable. I ask Faryal to produce evidence of violence. Where is the evidence? We have always held her in highest esteem and gave her the same level of respect and love that we gave to our two daughters.”

The philanthropic boxerm who runs a charitable foundation called the Amir Khan Foundation, is usually travelling around the world raising funds for various charities and recently met with his wife’s mother in Washington.

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